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Dearborn is a very nice city. It has a lot of middle eastern culture available to participate in and amazing food.
Family-oriented, friendly, welcoming, pretty clean. Everything you ever need is within close proximity. The food in Dearborn is unmatched.
Deerborn is a great city with a very diverse community. I feel that our community always is able to come together despite our differences. One thing that I would like to see changed within the community, would be more interactive gatherings. Also the nightlife in the downtown Dearborn area I feel like could be a little better.
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I've grown up in Dearborn my whole life, and I greatly value the diversity of the citizens in this city. Growing up around children with many different backgrounds (racial, socioeconomic, religious, gender, etc.) has allowed me to grow into an empathetic person with a humanitarian approach to building my own personal values, as well as how I treat others. The diversity of Dearborn is also represented by its elected officials, as for example the city council president is an Arab woman, and it is statistically significant that this city holds the highest Arab population in the U.S.
Dearborn is a very diverse and multi-cultural city in Metro Detroit. There are a lot of job opportunities here thanks to Ford Motor Company. Recently, downtown Dearborn has been under construction in the hopes that it will bring new energy and a better night life to the city. Dearborn is home to many amazing restaurants and family fun activities.
A lot of traffic and car crashes. I do enjoy hearing the racing cars all day though. Plenty of food options. During summer, we have plenty of tourists from all over the world!
I really like how friendly and welcoming the community is in Dearborn. Whenever someone is going through a rough time, you can always count on the community to ease your struggles.
I like the family element and how everyone knows eachother. What I don’t like is the nasty cultural people who spread rumors and judge girls very quickly.
My favorite part about living in Dearborn is the diversity. The Detroit metropolitan area is home to the largest population of Arab Americans in the United States. Living in an area so dense with culture is interesting because it teaches me respect and open mindedness, thus giving me a different perspective on the world. One thing I dislike about Dearborn is overcrowded schools. I attend one of three public high schools in my city, and it is jam packed with students. At times, hallways are so congested that I'm shoulder to shoulder with other students, at a complete standstill until the traffic passes.
The city's population includes 40,000 Arab Americans. Since the late 20th century, there has been growth in immigration from new areas of the Middle East, such as Syria.[27] Arab Americans own many shops and businesses, offering services in both English and Arabic.
My wife and I moved from Northville two years ago to the west side of Dearborn and we absolutely love it here! So much of the town is chock full of cultural diversity, is safe (Dearborn has over 200 police officers), affordable, has beautiful architecture, and really friendly & lively people. It seems so much less sleepy than the west side where we came from, and the people are far less pretentious. Lastly, the average age of people here is notably younger than most of metro-Detroit.

Things Dearborn could improve on: really needs more trees/greening of the main strips, and greatly increased events more along the lines of Ferndale/Ann Arbor. Also, while most of the city is nice, there is a trend of wealthy people buying houses and turning them into rentals that they do not take care of enough...the city should come down on this, as we want to keep our neighborhoods beautiful.
I love the diversity and opportunities Dearborn has. The food selection is also great. There are many new restaurants in downtown Dearborn. There are many job opportunities and fun things to do. I feel safe and welcome in my community. Everything is within driving distance of me.
Dearborn, like everywhere else, has its ups and downs. The area is nice, majority of Dearborn is very clean. They are currently revamping the downtown area and it is already nicer than before. The city is in a good area because it is pretty central to other important things in surrounding cities.
I grew up in Dearborn and will always have a special place in my heart for my hometown. However, things now are not good. While the new downtown area in West Dearborn is really great, people drive around like they are all going to fires. I walk my dog in the area, and it's absolutely awful. Every single day I'm worried about my life while walking around my neighborhood. A couple weeks ago, someone was hit while walking. The cops are rarely seen, and when they are (like when I walked today) he didn't seem the least bit interested in pulling over any of the MANY people that were speeding down Military St. When my lease is up in April, I will be saying goodbye to Dearborn. They spend all this money rebranding the city, but can't seem to pay any cops to keep it safe for the residents here.
Being an arab American myself i love this town. I wouldn't move for any other town/ city. Although it has its rough edges like every other city/ town I would still stay here no matter what.
I like how quiet and clean Dearborn is. Dearborn is all about innovation and bringing new things into the community. The public schools could use some work however.
The food is amazing and wonderful and fantastic and scrumptious. It is pretty much the only good thing about dearborn. The schools are pretty good and the cars are nice.
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Dearborn is home to the largest Arab population outside of the Middle East and was a great place to grow up in.
Dearborn has nice parks, a good Catholic Church, and a safe neighborhood. The neighbors are relatively nice, and the property values are pretty fair. I wish the city would offer more resources for activities and neighborhood connection, but that is usually left up to the local Catholic Church, bringing together their parish and the rest of the non-Catholics. I live in close proximity of my extended family, and with Dearborn being a pretty easy place to move around in, I can easily commute to them. The stores around here are pretty ok, but we usually find ourselves at the local party store for some candy, or the Dearborn Italian Bakery for some delicious pizza rolls! All in all, I like Dearborn, though it has a lot of flaws.
Dearborn is really diverse, environment is clean and friendly. Public schools are great, some teachers are amazing and others arent so much. It is pretty safe.
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