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I have been living in Dayton for the last 13 years and I don't think I would have it any other way. Me and my family have traveled most of the U.S. ever since buying our home in Dayton but can never get the urge to move anywhere else even if it is an issue with work. We always seem to return home to Dayton because of our community and the convenience of having every amenity so close to us: schools, colleges, grocery stores, and so much more.
I have lived here all my life, and now I started my professional career in downtown dayton. Dayton is up and coming and is a great place for milienial and oldtimers alike!
Dayton is a wonderful city, with lots to do. A great mall and other local businesses to shop at. Great colleges to attend.
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More entertainment for nightlife. more things to do. especially things that are affordable and family friendly
Dayton is a nice city with lots of things to do. There are opportunities for people to do a variety of things such as museums, going out to eat, seeing plays, and watching a sports game. For the most part, Dayton is fairly safe. Just like any city, there is time and places that would be recommended to stay away from the city. Overall Dayton is a good place to raise a family and do fun things together.
It most certainly has its beauty and wonder, however it is also old. A lot of buildings are abandoned and are in decay. If you are planning on visiting, be sure to do your research beforehand. If you are careful, you can have an amazing experience.
What I like about Dayton is the inexpensive cost to live there and the community that many people have here. I have many friends here that I see as a family and I couldn't ask for better. However, I do believe that they can revive their downtown. Unlike other cities in Ohio, Dayton is the blandest and inactive city. I see a bright future for the city. I would love to work with the community and have Downtown Dayton be a downtown that many would love to go to have a good time with friends and family, as many do in Columbus, Cinncinatti and/or Cleveland.
Nice place to raise kids. Good libraries. Awesome metroparks. We have the Victoria theater for arts. Greene county parks is nice also.
Dayton is an average yet awesome city. It has it's problems just like anyone else, but most people here are hardworking and care about what's happening in and around the city.
Dayton has a lot of variety to offer. Big industries include defense, higher education, and healthcare, so there are jobs in many areas. My biggest complaint is about the lack of diversity in dining options; there are some exceptions, but most restaurants are chain restaurants.
Great place to live. Inprvove grocery stores. Provide more outdoor festivals. Have bicycle races downtown Dayton. Have more movie nights downtown . Have more door home building downtown through habitat for humanity this will allow more people to gather to work for a great cause. Provide more activities for kids . Have outdoor three on basketball tournaments. Have cooking contest open to the public.
There are a lot of attractions and events to go to. The hospitals are amazing. The cost of living is affordable. The food is diverse and delicious. Commute times to anywhere nearby are quick and easily navigated. Some city areas need improvement, but overall I am impressed by Dayton and the wonderful people in the community that make it so great.
Dayton is a nice city, and though it suffers as part of the rust belt, there are many opportunities created for employment by Wright Patterson Air Force Base.
Born and raised in Dayton, I can never call another place home like I can Dayton. I have lived in a couple of other places and no place compares. It’s the perfect place to grow up and has so much to offer. The events here are endless, there is never a boring day if you want to have something to go out and see or do.
I love the sense of community and pride in our home. Dayton is full of incredible history, and I am proud to see it be honored all throughout the area. I hope that we continue to battle the drug epidemic and increase the safety of this area.
I grew up in Dayton, Ohio. And during that time, 60`s thru the 80`s. Was a thriving city. Due to the drug epidemic, like every U.S. city. But our politicians, businesspersons, and residents are coming together to make Dayton that thriving city once more. They have remodeled, build and adding other businesses. The Amazing Dragons Baseball Stadium, countless restaurants and shoppes downtown. The stylish apts. and townhouses that have access to the nitelife downtown, and the Riverscape . So come and discover Dayton, Ohio.
I have lived in Dayton all my life, however it seems to me that today many of the low income areas are growing financially and spiritually. It is my hope that the city continues to grow.
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I love how diverse Dayton is. There is some violence, but there's violence everywhere you go. There are multiple job opportunities, which was a major plus for me when I moved. Most of the people are friendly. But I wouldn't leave my house or car door a unlocked when I'm not around
Dayton is a growing community with lots to do, and the scene is getting better and better. Plenty of great paying jobs and the housing market is booming right now.
At first the town is quite welcoming and people tell you that if you need anything don't hesitate to come to them. 6 months later when you DO need advice or a safe zone....forget it.
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