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Dayton has a lot of great start up business arriving in the local areas. The inner city of Dayton could be a lot better. There is hardly any grocery stores in the inner city, residents often have to travel to the suburbs to get groceries.
I love Dayton because of the people I’ve encountered. I want to see an improvement in the west side of Dayton. There are a lot of abandoned houses and business throughout the city of west Dayton.
I would like to see more money invested in Dayton. There are too many abandoned houses and houses that are not well kept.
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I absolutely love the city of Dayton! There is so much to do here, and I think it's the perfect combination of small town vibe with bigger city opportunities. Dayton has so many locally owned shops, restaurants, breweries and community engagement places, and you can get from one side of town to the other in about 30 minutes, so it's reasonable to find a place to live anywhere.
What I like about Dayton is it has some amazing historical places to visit. What I don't like about Dayton is the many deaths that happen here and the fact that there are not many fun places to go to in Dayton.
Dayton is a very rural area due to the poverty level and extreme homelessness. Although there is assistance, it’s often hard to obtain.
It is a great city if you love the community. Ever since the tragedies of 2019, the people of Dayton have really banded together to make life better for others. It is not a big city and some of the scenes can be a bit scary, however, there is beautiful scenery and things. This includes watching operas, plays, and eating at some nice places.
Growing up in Dayton seemed magical as a child. However, as a young adult it does not meet that experience anymore. Everything is shutting down, you have to drive at least a half an hour or more away to do something fun, and the school system is terrible.
I would like there to have more things to do during the colder seasons, but I like the city and old structures and museums
As a lifelong resident of Dayton, I've seen this city evolve over the years. In its current state I would say Dayton is a great place for all types of people. We are a young family with a new baby and this city has plenty to offer.
with living here all my life it has been nothing but crime. It's not a safe place to live, nor raise a family in. Most people I know want to leave this place we call home. I personally hate to know that people want to leave instead of trying to make it a better stable place to reside.
Cheap to live here, relatively quiet in my neighborhood. I like the fact that there are rural and urban areas close to each other.
I live in one of the many suburbs of Dayton, Ohio. We have a supportive and kind community full of tight knit friendships. We have many outing opportunities including shopping centers and beautiful metro parks. I am glad I live in Dayton!
I’ve experienced great times living in Dayton. There are strong family ties in the city. The people are friendly and communities have been established and maintained throughout the years. We have neighborhood garden centers, local farms & farmers markets, community centers. There are also great restaurants in town that are very diverse. Also, we are a melting pot of sorts as it relates to different cultures. Dayton is an affordable place to live and raise children. The weather is seasonal which means we get the best of both worlds. It’s a nice balance.


Delores McElroy
City ain't too good. Lots of abandoned homes and way too many crimes happening. Late 2010's for the city was bad cause the tornadoes and the mass shooting of 2019. I hope this city gets brought back to life!
Dayton, OH and the surrounding suburbs is a small nit community. It's cheap to live here and there are very nice affordable houses. The salaries are higher due to the local Air Force Base. It's a very family friendly place to live.
Dayton has everything you need in a mid-size city. It's a home away from home. The city is large enough for nightlife, The Dayton Dragons baseball and so much more. Many people who are trying to bring Dayton back to life are all from the area. They are constantly making improvements, creating jobs and bringing the community together. Five River Metro Parks has many locations around the city with different activities. Dayton is located between Columbus and Cincinnati, so a trip to a bigger city is only an hour away. And the location of Ohio is a days trip to Tennesse, Chicago and much more. It is truly a home away from home.
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I love how there is so much to do in my city! The schools really needs improvement. We are really lacking in the education for our children.
I have come to love Dayton and embrace it as "home". The people are generally friendly, helpful and care about the community. Dayton is a unique place where you can find diversity. It has feel of being a small community, but when you look at the city and surrounding suburbs, you realize it is quite large. It's one of those places where it is likely that many of your friends are connected. Because of the low cost of living, it is a good place to buy a home a raise a family. There are available jobs and opportunities to start businesses as well. On the other hand, it is a bit transient and you find folks leaving for bigger cities and opportunities. Because of the manufacturing jobs that left decades ago, downtown Dayton is still feeling the affects. You can tell when you drive through and see the abandon buildings. After the recent tornado and shooting in the Oregon district, it has been tough. However, we are "Dayton Strong". We can rally together and get through this!
I really love Dayton! Those who get involved with Dayton end up loving it because of the community. These last two years have been rough because of the mass shooting in the Oregon District, the tornado that destroyed many homes, and police brutality against Black and brown folks. However, our leadership listens to us and when it comes down to it, Dayton stands strong as a community. We are Dayton Strong!
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