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I love the college town feel of Davis. It's perfect if you want a nice small town to go to school in. The weather is nice, and there are great areas to explore in the city and surrounding areas.
Davis is a small cow town that is very eco friendly. It is the bike capital of the United States so that makes it easy to get around places. The education systems are also immaculate.
I hear it is a good school. Never been in there myself. I see them on the news for good things. I'm just trying to get the NICHE scholarship
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The highlight of Davis is downtown Davis. It has beautiful scenery, and the vibe that the community gives to it emanates a cozy, friendly, and fun experience.
Beautiful little city full of interesting people & socially active students. It's definitely a "hippie" town populated by educated individuals of all ages who lean toward the more liberal side of politics. People are incredibly accepting & seem to mind their own business. Great place for dog owners because most restaurants & businesses allow dogs in some capacity.
Very cute town. Nice little downtown area with a great variety of restaurants. Kid friendly, and mostly eco friendly. Nice park areas as well.
It's a great small college and family-oriented town. People are super nice and friendly here. It is a relaxing environment to live and great for studying if you are a student.
It is a fairly quiet college town and allows you to stay concentrated on your studies. However, there is not much to do with it being a college town. There is no mall, no clothing stores, and no diverse storefronts. I would not live here long term.
Nice and safe college town. Housing can be expensive for the high number of college students in the area. Overall nice experience.
I love Davis. It's a funky town that loves it's university and the university's students. There's not a ton to do, but Sacramento is very close and the Bay Area is a day trip. It's an odd town that values education, environment, and bikes - not to say any of that is bad, but it's certainly not normal. The cost of living is pretty brutal, but the public schools are fantastic, the sports programs for kids are fantastic, and the proximity to Sacramento is pretty good. Plus, the university provides a lot of opportunities and it a wonderful and renowned institution.
I got out of Southern California to avoid all the traffic and four lane roads. Had my first child here and we able to found a wonderful house with a yard. Expensive? Yes, but try buying a home in Irvine.
Davis is a very nice town to live in and also raise a family. The education is outstanding and so are the athletics.
Nice small town, fairly safe, environmentally conscious. The only problem is limited housing availability and sky-high rent.
It is easy to bike around, people are nice, and the restaurants are good. I lived in coastal area for a while, and I do miss the beaches. But Davis is really good as you really want the place to study and take a breathe without having a lot of stress and noises around.
It's super homey in that you automatically feel at home no matter where you are. It feels super safe; people are always walking outside at night and there's a galore of dogs everywhere.
Davis feels like a small, friendly town. It has a ton of bike paths, parks, and walking trails, so it is very easy to participate in outdoor activities. The downtown area is very cute, but the parking situation is absolutely horrible, especially when UC Davis is in session and the students are around. It is a very bike friendly town, but driving downtown with all of the bikers and pedestrians can get stressful during busy hours. The restaurant situation is a little disappointing, most new restaurants or new businesses don't end up making it because the rent is outrageous. This has made it so most of our retail stores have disappeared and we don't get much diversity in food options. Luckily, Davis is close enough to other towns and cities, so you can find things to do/ places to eat elsewhere if you get bored. It's a very easy drive to Sacramento, Winters, or even Napa or San Francisco.
Davis is a lovely town, perfect for raising a family. It is very safe and I have loved growing up here. There isn't toooo much to do as you get older but it is nice when you are young.
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I came from a big city in Los Angeles. So, when I first moved here for college, I really disliked Davis. It was literally a farmland. There was nothing here except Safeway, Safe Mart, and a few other stores. It is a small college town. However, now fast forward to 12 years later, I'm still here in Davis. Davis has really grown on me. First, the people here are really friendly. It's actually a pretty safe town. There are a lot of professors who live here with their families. There are a lot more stores now. It's becoming more like a suburban area. But most importantly, I stayed here because of the friends I've made here through church.
Bustling college town that is very bike friendly. A lot of great food options and optimally located for quick trips to either the Bay area or the mountains.
Growing up in Davis has really changed my expectations of other cities. Davis is small, quiet, and doesn't connect much with other cities. However, the people here are all friendly and quirky and I rarely ever get into trouble. In terms of entertainment, there isn't much to do except go to UC Davis' Memorial Union to bowl or check out the various stores and restaurants in downtown. Another problem with Davis is that living here is expensive since it is a college town so finding a suitable home within in your budget can be difficult. Overall, Davis can be a great place to grow up and live in, but half of my classmates wished to leave this town the moment they graduated from high school.
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