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Very safe, active, "small town" community. Lots of people walk, ride bikes, to work. There are a lot of outdoor water related activities. It has a small town feel in that we have a weekly farmers market, and Christmas at Davidson every year. The area is very safe. As well as very intellectual with Davidson college located in our town.
Davidson is a small, liberal community that houses the wonderful Davidson College. I have loved living in Davidson because it has been an amazing place for me to have grown up, and has people who work toward making change for the better.
I have recently moved to Davidson with my mom and brother. I love what the town has to offer. There are many restaurants to appeal to any pallet. There are walking and biking trails that allow residents to become one with nature. There are cultural activities, arts, growers markets and festivals year round. Davidson is a great place to live.
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Small town atmosphere near the big-city amenities of Charlotte- great schools and great neighbors! Affordability can be a concern, as well as traffic.
Amazing small town college feel, sense of being in a "bubble" away from the outside world. Public school system is amazing. Many fun events throughout the year make the town a fun place to call home.
Downtown Davidson has an amazing shopping area and many fantastic restaurants of different styles. It is a great place to go out and get active and it is such a family friendly area.
I've lived in Davidson for 10 years and the Lake Norman area for 10 before that. This is by far the best place to live in the Charlotte area, especially for families. It's like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life with the even better addition of a top-tier University at its center.
I just recently moved to Davidson about a year ago but have lived near by and have grown up with Davidson as a big part of my life. The best part I would say is the community. Everyone is so friendly and always welcomes you with a smile on their face. All the beautiful greenery makes it feel very homey. If I could choose one place to start a family it, would be right here in Davidson. A really cool fact about the suburb is that there are no drive throughs which means no fast food restaurants to make the place look trashy. There are fast food places very near by but it's nice not to have all the traffic coming though our part of the town.
It says it's got okay diversity but I can tell you that's not true. It's more like D- for diversity and it can get boring very quickly. The constant traffic is also a big hassle. Most people are conservative and homophobic so if you don't like that I don't recommend living here.
Friendly, rural, up-and-coming town that holds plenty of opportunity for families raising children. It is very well located among best-rated schools, entertainment, and big companies.
Davidson is a very beautiful area! You can go to the strip near the college and find lots a cute stores and restaurants.
This is a small college town that is great for walking. Lots to do. Restaurants, shops, concerts, Great for biking and a town green with lots of activity.
I love the hometown community feel of Davidson. Everyone is happy and smiling. Davidson is a very active community. People are walking or biking and they always support their town. The traffic can be challenging at times.
Small town feel, but within the city limits. I love living here because you can live in the suburbs of Charlotte, but still get the small town feel that everyone is looking for. Everyone is very friendly and there is plenty to do.
Very nice area. Mainly suited to middle class families. Davidson college is downtown and has a beautiful campus with frequent events occurring. Downtown there are restaurants, stores, gyms, etc. It is minutes away from Lake Norman. It is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Charlotte. Overall, a lovely place to live or attend University.
My experience living in Davidson, NC has been a positive one. I like the small town atmosphere with uptown Charlotte only 15 minutes away. It is also a bonus being so close to Lake Norman.
People how are living here have either moved from anywhere in the country or have lived here their whole lives. This allows a great mix of people. Unfortunately, those who move here tend to be those who move every 5-10 years. This means that the majority of long term commitments, like politics, are very homogeneous and tend to not reflect the attitudes of those who live here. For example, the majority of those who live here are from the northern states and cities. But the political scene bares no reflection on this. It is extremely conservative to the point where it tends to align to the exact opposite of many of the people who live here. But due to plans to move in about 5 years, no one feels any desire to try and become involved.
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The longest most people have lived in the area tends to be either all of their lives or two to three years. But of those who have just moved to the area have come to love it and if they do move plan to stay in the state. Most of the people living in the new areas are families with a dog or two. Most places in the area cater to this and are dog friendly. There are tons of events in the developments that lead to a strong scene of community.
In all of the new areas, there are plenty of walking and biking paths available. But these abruptly end when the new meets with the old. The construction constantly causes traffic, but it is well handled by the workers. But the large amount of construction vehicles does lead to many potholes in the roads.
With so many new businesses entering the area, there are plenty of jobs moving into the area. Charlotte is the medical center of the country, with plenty of general and specialty job options. And with all of the building going on, there is plenty of construction jobs. But do to the speed of the building, these jobs will soon fade out and leave only white collared jobs in the area.
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