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I like how natural disasters usually miss davenport and it's a pretty safe place to live. I've lived here since birth and I don't plan on moving away.
I love the community and the accessibility of everything. I would like to see more safety in Davenport so I can feel safe.
Every single night, drag racing, partying right outside my bedroom window. For awhile, I was calling police each night. Thank God it is less in the winter. Thank God for ear plugs and sleep aid.
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Davenport has very cheap housing compared to a lot of places. Not much here but that means there is room for improvement.
Davenport is a small, but large, portion of the Quad Cities! As many cities, there are “safer” areas, that are more preferred than others.
A really nice area to settle down. Close enough to bigger cities and fantastic parks. Wonderful place to run, bike, or be active.
I was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa. I have never had an issue living here. Just depends on what side of town you live on.
Let me put it this way whatever you do don't . Move to Davenport it the worst and most Dangerous place to live. Some of the people there have no regards for other people . I had someone threaten me once when used to live there . People drive like animals there's always something terrible happening . There while there are some nice people living there . Is the only good thing about that town . But all honesty take it from me don't live there . Luckily I don't live there anymore and have no intention on going back .
Been living in this area all my life. I have always liked the diversity of this town. It get's more diverse every year. It is also a college area. Students come from all around the world to get educated here. As the years go by, Davenport is expanding. It really is a great place to live and raise a family.
Living in Davenport was a wonder. It varies from location what type of experience you will have! I loved living here, and it offered several opportunities for a smaller city. It has wonderful hidden gems in the city like The Brewed Book, various parks, or the fact that Illinois is only a trip across the bridge of its border!
We have lived here for 40 years and the last few have been the worst. The last couple years suck big time. If you call the police, they may or probably won't come. It's been almost a month since we have had drive by. If you like to sleep at night, you can forget it. Fire works start around 5 pm and go on to 3 am since the powers to be gave the ok for the use of them. So, if I didn't own my home and wasn't retired, I wouldn't be living in this one horse town.
Davenport is part of the Quad Cities. What makes Davenport stand out from the other three cities are the parks and restaurants. What makes Davenport stand out from all cities in the United States is having the known leading Chiropractic school. There are multiple parks in Davenport. One trail connects to about all parks which is known to be over 50 miles long. A famous park in Davenport is the Vander Veer Botanical Park. This park is famous because the creator of this park also created the Central Park in NY,NY. The restaurants are great because there a multiple varieties such as American home style food to Greek food. What makes Davenport stand out, is the Palmer College of Chiropractic School. Palmer College has a huge influence on the city because people of the city rely on the care of Chiropractic. Chiropractic was actually founded in Davenport! Students from around the world come to Davenport to learn the philosophy, art and science of Chiropractic.
!!!!CAUTION!!! DO NOT MOVE TO DAVENPORT, IOWA!!!! Unless, you like to be senselessly victimized from crime for NO REASON. PURCHASE RENTERS INSURANCE, if renting! PURCHASE HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE, if buying! Do not walk into this dump of a town, without being well insured!

If you would like to have your home invaded while at home or away from home, it WILL happen in Davenport, Iowa. The biggest offenders are under 18, because nothing happens to these minors, even if they murder someone, it’s a slap on the wrist.

If you like to feel safe and keep your car and things in your home, do not live here.
I think Davenport is nice small town. There are people of many races, religions and backgrounds which I feel is beautiful. I would like to see more activity in the town for children and families that would allow people more options to stay busy. It will give children more things to stay occupied in their spare time. I love the quiet living and the school system is good as well. It is overall a wonderful city to live in, there are just a few things that could change for the better. Also, the job market is not the greatest. It would be wonderful to see more jobs available in the city.
I love the city of Davenport, and I am still living here. I was raised in this city ever since I was born. Many restaurants are serving delicious food at an affordable price. Many small shops are worth going to as well. Davenport would also have an annual Mississippi Valley Fair! There would be concerts and a lot of fun activities. The Northpark Mall is a splendid place because there are many stores that I have went to and had a great experience! Some areas in Davenport have small businesses, and they would offer spectacular services. It is uncommon to witness a rude employee in Davenport. The only setback is that I wish there would be more sidewalks and areas for people to walk outside instead of driving a vehicle. Davenport is peaceful, so if you like places that are calm and quiet, then Davenport should be visited.
Davenport has some wonderful areas, but there are many areas I would avoid. There is more crime than I would like and not enough safety.
I've lived in Davenport, Iowa my entire life. Although the streets need better maintenance and downtown is kind of scary, it's an overall decent place to be living. I'm very close to everything I'll ever need but still on the outskirts of town, so it's not too busy. I'd also say it's a more friendly place to live. Sure, there are bad people wherever you go, but most people here love to talk and just be friendly in general. It's also a hub for everyone in surrounding towns, which means you get to hear about people from all over the place.
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This is hands down one of the trashiest and depressing places I've ever lived in, and I've been all over the country. Honestly worse than living in a third world country.
Extremely poor, illiterate, and depressed people trying to get out of there and don't have the money for it. Junkies, alcoholics, and aggressive drivers. Young kids leave right after high school, and never look back. And then to top if off everything is more expensive than major cities in the US. What a jungle! Keep driving, Not sure why you need all those huge gas stations for, on every corner?
I have grown up in Davenport my entire life and it has been pretty average. Growing up I played outside with my friends until late when my parents said to come inside. Now that I am in high school and growing up I work, go to school, hang out with my girlfriend, and some close friends. Schools here are alright some are better than others. There is not much to do but we make the most of what we have and make our own fun.
At first, I did not know what to think about Davenport. Now I know that there are some great cafes and chocolate shops and little eateries and shops to enjoy. It smells like dog food sometimes (factory on the river), but not often.
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