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Daphne is a nice Suburb city of Mobile Alabama with nice parks and schools and above average shopping centers and is reasonably a safe and family friendly area, with the exception of a few wart areas that are slowly disappearing and being replaced with nice homes and city parks and as far as a job market goes your going to rely on two cities Mobile Alabama our Pensacola FL as your main income sources .
Moved here beginning 2018 . So far all I can say the houses are overpriced and there is not much to do. If you want to do anything you have to drive, Pensacola has the best Mall around ( and that's a sad statement in itself), there a some good restaurants in Pensacola, Mobile, Fairhope, Foley and around orange beach. Daphne has a lot of fast food. Forget about volunteering there are so many old people in the region that are volunteering that they don't need anybody. A lot of people from the north retire down . Blakely State Park is nice for biking, hiking, and kayaking. It's all right here I suppose but not a place where I would want to stay forever.
Daphne, Alabama is the perfect city to raise a family. The schools are amazing and the churches are a big part of our community. If you're looking for a place to settle down and build a life for yourself. You belong in Daphne.
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Very quiet sweet town. I've met many people that I've come in contact with that are the nice and help anyone that is in need. It is a great area to settle down in and raise children.
Daphne is a good town, the businesses here are awesome! I like living here and the great community I have around me.
Clean store. Produce was very fresh. Friendly people. Many items I purchase on a regular basis I can only get at walmart
Daphne is a very cute and small town, without overcrowding or not having anything to do. There are plenty of nice, local restaurants and shops without a large population or traffic. Not too populated or overpopulated, and has plenty of fun activities and local towns to have a fun weekend or night out.
I have lived in Daphne my entire life, and have loved how our town is so close knit. We are growing and growing fast, and our town has been adjusting swiftly and accordingly.
I moved to Daphne, Alabama because the schools are better here than Mobile, Alabama (which i moved from). The people here are usually very friendly and the weather here is nice. It's starting to get overcrowded and we have no restaurants that isn't fast food around but if you drive 30 minutes into Fairhope or Mobile you can find some awesome restaurants. Everything over here closes at 7-9 pm on weekdays and if you're lucky you might find a place that stays ope until 10 on weekends. Overall Daphne is a pleasant, but boring place to live.
Located on the eastern shore Daphne, Alabama has beautiful views of the bay and delicious seafood. The community always has events going on like fall festivals, races, and much more. Daphne is also just a mere forty-five minutes away from the beach. The town is a small but fast-growing area. The county Daphne is located in, Baldwin County is the fastest-growing county in Alabama. With a beautiful area, great food, and great people: who wouldn't want to live there?
I love how Daphne has all the necessities I need, like restaurants and has an endless amount of stores from food stores to shopping malls. Even though Daphne is kind of a small city, Daphne also many schools that are private and public. The people in Daphne are all very friendly and the city itself is really beautiful. Daphne is a quiet and calm city so I never have trouble sleeping at night and never have to complain about noise. I think Daphne should work on improving their school systems and maybe adding another school since the population is increasing and some of the schools are overcrowded. Though other than the school systems, I think Daphne is a great city to live in and even visit . I am very thankful I am able to live in Daphne and hope more people will see the great operatunities and places Daphne has to offer !!!
Love the small town feel, but you live in a diverse are with lots to do. Perfectly placed between other areas.
Loving environment. Caring community. Great sports!! Everyone cares about everyone. Absolutely amazing.
I have lived in Daphne for 14 years; it’s a great community with many opportunities to make friends and have fun. I have made great friends from a wide variety of backgrounds. The school system offers all ranges of classes so that everyone is taken care of in school. Sports are very big in Daphne, I personally have been on the Varsity volleyball team since my freshman year. I recently received a scholarship to continue playing volleyball at the college level.
I love everything about Daphne, AL! The bay, downtown, the schools, and overall community! Great place to start and raise a family!
I used to live in small town of about six hundred people, thirteen hours away. Although I was leaving my family, my hometown, and everyone I grew up with, I knew moving to Daphne was going to bring me new beginnings and new opportunities that I would have never been able to partake in up north.
Daphne is a great place to live. Everything is close by. Everything is maintained well. I love the area.
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I moved to Daphne, AL in 2012. It is a great place to live. Daphne sits on the east side of the Mobile Bay, across the bay way from Mobile. There is always something to do here. There are many parks to enjoy, fishing, kayaking, boating and many other water activities in the Mobile Bay and rivers, beautiful wildlife and tropical foliage, great restaurants, kids activities, Art centers and much more! The best part about Daphne to me is that there are five different beaches, all within 45 minutes to an hour away! We have Gulf Shores Beach, Orange Beach, Pensacola Beach, Fort Morgan and Dauphin Island around us. The one thing about Daphne that I do not care for is the public school system. It is under the Baldwin County School District and as a student who withdrew from Daphne High School near the end of my sophomore year to home school, I feel that there are many improvements to be made.
Daphne, Alabama is one of my favorites place in the US. There are so many things you can do here and it is close to a lot of different things. You have the beach 30 minutes away, and the USS Battleship across the bay in Mobile, AL. You also have the bay either in Daphne or Fairhope that people go to all the time for time to themselves, or with family or just to relax and watch the sunset. The people here are always so welcoming to new neighbors or anybody just stopping by for a visit.
I like how Daphne has a lot of parks/softball, baseball, and soccer fields. They also have a variety of good places to eat, and many different churches to choose from. Daphne could use some upgrades to the roads and the high school.
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