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Danville is a small town of 30,000 residents. I was born and raised here. There are definitely areas of the community that you should avoid. Unfortunately, our crime rate has risen in the last 50 years and our public school system is very poor. I think there is still potential for Danville, we just need some businesses that offer salary positions and not rely on hourly retail jobs.
Danville is not a safe place to live. The school just pass students, don't give them the education they deserve. This is one of the worst places to live in. Vermilion county.
For the most part Danville people are awesome! Danville is a caring community. Danville is close to the University of Illinois. And is accessible to Indianapolis and Chicago by Amtrak out of Champaign.
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No jobs. The white people seem prejudice and there isn’t anything to do. It’s meant for blacks to fail here. I wouldn’t raise a dog here. Every city in Illinois is a joke.
Danville hasn't been bad to me, at all so I know the reason I'm still here. Since I've moved here I've seen alot of people accomplish so many things and its motivating. The job opportunities are ok. Not enough food restaurants tho but we like with whats around us. Cost of living is cheap. Family community. Although, I don't like the violence that has came.
The people in Danville are incredibly friendly and warm. I am currently in nursing school and do clinical rotations at the local hospital. The nursing staff has been incredibly helpful in my learning experience and the patients have been wonderful as well. More community based activities would be great!
Danville has a high poverty rate. Not a lot of jobs. Dangerous neighborhoods. Not a lot of activities and no industry.
Grew up in Danville and still live in Vermilion County. If you want corrupt officials, high taxes, no jobs and failing schools.....this is the place!

Everyone's ignoring the fact that there are shootings every other night on the East end. Absolutely terrible place.
I loved growing up in Danville, Il. Times have changed though and buildings that were important landmarks are being torn down, but many changes are for the positive!!
I love my hometown, but the violence needs to stop. It's almost too scary to even go to the store by mi myself. I do love that it's a small town so there isnt as much traffic as a big city and it doesnt take that long to get anywhere.
Danville is an ok place to live if you are trying to raise a family and want a basic life. There really isn't too much you can do there but go to a local park, skate, or swimming. Lately there has been a high crime rate in Danville since they have Chicago residents that have relocated there. Hopefully the crime rate will slow down soon.
Danville use to be a nice town with lots of employment opportunities. It has become crime ridden in the last few months. There are still some nice and quiet areas that are worthy of raising a family.
Danville, Illinois is where I was born and raised. I took a industrial job in Indianapolis, Indiana, and now have later returned back to my hometown of Danville.
What I like about Danville is the fact that it makes up in lack of public hangouts with its sights. I've enjoy my time in whatever places Danville has available without much issue and I could easily spend most of my day there. However, just about the only peeve I have about this city is the citizens. Of course, there are some decent people here, but most can get rude and mean, obnoxious in every sense of the word, and some are just plain creepy. If it weren't for the people living here, I would stay here a bit longer than I plan.
Danville is pretty diverse but with the crime draining in from Chicago it can be dangerous at times. There's also not much to do in this city which, in my opinion, makes for even more crime to develop.
The only great thing about Danville is affordability. It is bed bug infested and there are slum lords everywhere
Danville is what you make it. We have a lot of perks as a somewhat small town. It is nice to know the people around you and rwgular jobs are easy to come by but if you want a career, Danville is probably not the place to be. Rsnting is cheap and the school systems are good here but raising a family in Danville is becoming very dangerous. People are being killed weekly here. I know that crime rate is rising everywhere but in Danville, Il. It has become out of control. Through it all I was raised here and I love my friendly neighborhood. We are not racist or judgemental in any way.
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Danville has become a high crime area. Many people are fearful for their lives. There are minimal activities for children and families to do. There is no night life and if couples want to engage in nightlife, they must travel to another community.
I like Danville. It's nice to know the people who live in your town in some way, through friends or family, it's a small town. I would nice though if more jobs that paid good, came to town and stayed. I would also like to see more things for young adults to do, there just isn't anything for them to do and it seems they getbin trouble more that way. I feel if more good paying jobs came to town and more positivee things for the young adults to do, the community would be better, the residents would be happier and crime might go down.
Not the best place to live, but many organizations trying to make change for the best. A few neighborhoods to avoid at night, but no crazy crime. Community college has great programs and professors.
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