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Crime needs to decrease and there are still a lot of questionable areas. Real estate prices do not match the areas where crime is high.
Although there may not seem like there are things to do in danbury, you can always find little fun activities. You can hike in the park, shop at our mall, even go to the library and record yourself in the studio. It is definitely a nice city to live in.
Currently living in center of Danbury, temporarily thankfully. There are a lot nicer parts of Danbury. The downtown and businesses cater for the overwhelmingly recent immigrant Latino population in the city center. The Main Street is disappointing - cheap mobile phone shops, nail salons, a few Latino restaurants and bodegas
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Its a quiet town most of the time with a lot of racial diversity. Many restaurants but only a few places to "hang out" and few parks. Certain areas few abandoned and there are many pot holes on the streets. Overall its a boring town for people who prefer boring.
over the past 5 year I've lived in danbury everything has been great, the atmosphere and the over area of danbury is good; however it would be perfect if we had more activities in our town. The major doest do much when it comes to conducting activities some Danbury is pretty boring but calm town.
Danbury is a very safe area. We have easy access to traveling to much and Boston. It is a great area for up and coming small business. There are a lot of families and the schools and starting to become over populated. Many people have relocated to the area and the jobs and demographic have dramatically changed. The cost of living is manageable but has increased. The area has grow but can use a surge or opportunity for youth and young adults.
A very diverse community economically as well as racially. There are many cultures to learn from that create an inviting atmosphere.
I have lived in Danbury CT my entire life. I know the ins and outs of this city. From starting preschool all the to high school graduation. Public schooling does become over crowded due to the growing population. Although Danbury receives the least amount of government funding, we make the most of it. The connection students and their teachers build are impeccable. I have made lifelong friends here. When I have a family of my own I plan of raising them in Danbury. Danbury is also one of the most diverse cities in Connecticut. This plays a big factor because of how inviting danbury residents are to outsiders. Skin color, race, religious views, or even political views matter here. We may not be the most appealing town to others, but we all get along.
Living in Danbury is great. We basically have everything that you need, kind of like a budget New York Suburb.
We moved to Danbury about 5 years ago. Generally love the location and the abundance of stores. I wish THE POT HOLES, GRASS MAINTENANCE AND GARBAGE from the streets were better managed!!! Please keep Danbury CLEAN!!
Danbury is very culturally and economically diverse. It is a significantly sized city bustling with life. While Danbury, Connecticut is a diverse city teeming with intercultural events, people of all kinds of backgrounds, there is also a significant gap at an economic standpoint. While one part of the city is holding the annual Portuguese festival, another part is rampant with gang affiliation. Danbury takes pride in their city as it has a lot to offer, but there are certain things that need to be supported like a better education system.
Honestly, I just moved here from New York City and hadn't expected much from the area. After unpacking and earning my license, I had more freedom to drive around to familiarize myself with Danbury. The people are generally nice here and I love the diversity of people. Moreover, there's more and more growth happening daily. New mall potentially, new housing (where I am), and new store builds (like Starbucks — many of which are relocating to better locations). I wish I had more to say about schooling, but the most education I recieved there was a drivers eduation, of which was comprehansive and suitable for my taste. All in all, great town. Much to do both within and a few miles out of the area.
We've been driving for 12 hours already, 5 tired kids in the car, just want to stop off to fill up the tank and use the bathroom. Exit 9 off 84 N says it has restaurants, gas, etc. all that good stuff... we get off the exit, thinking there will be a gas station soon. Driving, driving, driving - 20 MINUTES (with traffic) to get to a disgusting "Global" gas station and restroom. Seriously, Danbury, are you so desperate for visitors that you put up deceitful highway signs. I'm not an angry person, but this is inconsiderate and pathetic. At least put up a sign that says how far it is!!!
Danbury is trying to become a more walkable and lively city. However, I am not sure how that is going to happen with the current makeup of the city. Danbury is very diverse, however, when you walk down the street or through the halls of any public school, you will hear more Spanish than English. The population of immigrants in Danbury is growing by the day and many people are moving out of thee city and state as a result of this. In terms of the housing situation, the outskirts are where nice single family houses can be found, while the inner city is over run by multi-family houses and condo complexes popping up monthly. However, there is a lot to do in Danbury. They are dozens of local and chain restaurants all over the city for residents to enjoy. There is a movie theater, a mall, and an ice arena with a semi-pro hockey team. There are plenty of parks and other places to spend outdoors. Danbury is also a nice distance away from NYC, making day trips there extremely easy.
I just moved out of Danbury about a month ago and I love where I live now. Anywhere is better than this lame town. I lived here all my life and had very bad experiences. It's full of New Yorkers now and the new governor sucks. Everything about Connecticut in general sucks. Just giving an honest review. If you don't like it then don't read it.
There is a lot to do here. It is a very diverse town, and there is a ton of new foods to try. We have an ice skating rink and a mall. We also have fun activities like escape rooms and Virtual reality places.
Danbury is a melting pot of people, and it has been known as this for nearly as long as it's been around. The diversity of the city creates ideal environments to raise families in. Having kids exposed to all different types of people is an exquisite opportunity. There are some areas that are better than others but you'll find that anywhere you go. Overall Danbury is a great town and I enjoyed growing up here.
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Danbury is a great and unique town that embraces diversity. People here are kind and range from all ages. It is a great location for travel. One hour away from New York City and one hour away from Hartford, Danbury also has a train station. It is a big town that has a lot to do. Danbury has their own mall filled with great stores and places to eat. Along with an ice arena, sports dome, and parks, kids will never be bored. Overall, Danbury has it all and is a nice place to start a family.
I have lived near Danbury all my life. What I like about Danbury is there’s all sorts of businesses and stores so you can really meet your needs. In addition, because there’s so many businesses and stores, there’s a lot of job opportunities. In addition the location is fantastic for travelling across to the New York border as is the commute because I-84 runs through Danbury. What I would like to see improve are the qualities of some of the neighborhoods. Danbury is ethnically diverse. Danbury’s Public School systems are pretty decent and again, diverse in the student population. As for the family life, Danbury has a couple of parks and lakes for the family and other activities. Danbury is less expensive than some of the surrounding towns. Some places are more expensive than others. The real estate market it pretty decent. Danbury is pretty decent as far as safety goes but there are some parts that are not that great.
Danbury is a decent town that is slowly evolving into a “Micro City”. The culture is widespread, this is evident by simply driving down Main St. There are higher income neighborhoods as well as lower but overall has proven to be a stable place to grow up. The housing prices are steep however. During the spring and summer there are community activities, festivals, and fairs. Shopping is easily accessible with numerous stores all over town, as well as the continuously updated Danbury Fair Mall.
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