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I love Damascus. This small town is perfect for families because it is safe and you easily get to know the people around you.
I have really only known the town of Damascus for about 7 years, yet in that time I have learned enough to know what a great community it is. I attended Damascus high school when I was supposed to attend the one in the neighboring town - this meant I had to leave the community I grew up with behind. At first this was scary, being in a new town among new people. However, as I moved through high school and grew as an individual, I became involved in my new community and came to love my new environment. I participated at the local recreation center, had my first real part-time job at the town's deli, shopped at farmers markets and other small local business... Damascus envelopes its residents in a sense of community that I never experienced in my old town. Not every town is perfect, but the community within Damascus is passionate and is always striving to make it better for students, families, business owners, and anyone else who might find themselves in its small town.
Everyone knows each other and is kind. Great local food places. It has a great home town vibe while not feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere.
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I've lived in Damascus all my life and it is very much a tight knit community. Everything is so close by. We have our elementary, middle and high school not even a block away from each other. We have our little town center that is growing slowly but surely and creating places for all ages to meet, such as our Starbucks, chipotle, and Quincys. My two favorite times of the year would have to be when we have our Damascus day parade and watch fireworks afterwards, or the annual Santa's helper workshop at the Rec center.
Our high school didn't have such a great 2018-2019 school year in the media. But the issues you read about there are just scraping the surface. The building is in horrible condition and the security team is next to worthless. It's a small town so if you want something to do, you'll need to travel elsewhere. The town is also crawling in racist white people clinging so hard to tradition that nit's highly humiliating.
Damascus is a small red town in a blue state, no it is in fact not for everyone and even at times I have said it wasn't for me either. The people are a peculiar bunch but they're the kind that you learn to love, it is surrounded by farms and you will find tractors on the road, but that is why I have to give it such a good review. It gives you a taste of a life barely anyone knows anymore and the community always takes care of its own.
Damascus is your typical small town. Everyone knows each other... and each other's business. Some people are very kind and polite. Others... not so much. Damascus has quite a few small business owned by families who are just trying to make it in life, as we all are. I've worked in two small businesses in town, and I wouldn't have it any other way. One of the downsides of living in a small town, however, is that there really isn't much to do. In order to go to the movies, the mall, or any restaurant to enjoy a nice mixed drink, you'd need to travel 15-30 minutes in any direction. I've lived in the area since I was 5 years old, and am 23 now. As much as I call Damascus my home, I wouldn't mind moving to a larger town/city so I may experience a different atmosphere.
Overall Nice town, Cost of living may be barring. Excellent public schools available. Small enough that everything is within a short drive or even walking distance. Excellent opportunities to be found in this small yet bustling town. Plenty of jobs at local stores and restaurants, with easy access to 270 and 70 to get to other places.
It's a small, farm town where everyone knows everyone. Very close knit and always fun things to do if you look for them! It's in a great location, close to Baltimore, D.C., and Frederick!
Damascus is a wonderful place to live and grow up. The community is so close and connected and welcoming. Damascus is the perfect small town where everyone can get together to celebrate the good times in life.
Damascus is a great small town. The people are very friendly and there are great local restaurants. It is part of the Montgomery County Public School system which is a great school system.
Damascus is a very small town-great for families. But most stores in Damascus close very early, and there's not many recreational activities for kids.
Damascus is the perfect blend of a town with a country vibe with easy access to other cities. A 45 minute drive from DC or Baltimore, 20 minutes from Fredrick, Olney or Gaithersburg, Damascus makes your commute easy. The town is small and friendly; your neighbors are always looking out for you and everyone roots for the high school's football team. With many beautiful back roads, people enjoy going for Sunday rides. The only problem with this town is that there is not a thing to do after 9 pm.
It is a very close community with nothing much to do. Everything is based on the high school. As a teenager there is no escape of freedom or chance for something new, because everyone knows everyone. Even though being so close does build very close bonds among people, it is nearly impossible as a outsider to join a group and truly feel welcomed. The most exciting things to do in Damascus are on Friday nights when there are football games to go watch with the whole town. The most exciting place to visit is during the summer when our local ice-cream shop opens up, Jimmie Cones. The town is a good place for family with younger kids but as a teenager, single-adult, or married couple with no kids it is a crappy place to live.
Damascus is a small town in Maryland that is perfect for families. The town is very friendly and has many things to do. From local restaurants to an upcoming bowling alley, it is a great place to walk around with friends and spend time with family. I have lived in Damascus for about 10 years now, and I love it. It is close to a nearby shopping center and about 20 minutes from the outlets.
Its a great welcome town has great places to go eat and go for some walks most things are close around Damascus the schools, stores, etc..
Damascus has the small town feel that a lot of people want. However; a lot of people living here have lived here their whole lives. Which can cause unneeded drama, that then can cause problems.
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I was raised in Damascus, went to school and still work in Damascus. It is a great town. Everyone knows everyone and is so friendly and truly nice. I love working in this town because I get to see friendly and familiar faces every day.
Damascus is a quaint, little town with little to offer. It is a place of Trump supporting racists. A lot of my best friends were teased heavily at Damascus High School. However, I was lucky enough to be well-liked by everyone in my graduating class. At least my local church at least has a facade of niceness. I am so glad I am going to be at med school.
It has a good high school and a tight local community. However, it's not very big, is between two state roads which results in congestion, and does not have much to do in the local vicinity. There is the nearby Damascus Regional Park which has a nice extensive trail for biking and running, but nowhere else nearby is really safe for such activities because of the traffic. Theaters and other activities are a 15-20 minute drive away. Overall, it's a nice town with good people.
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