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I have lived in Dalhart for 18 yrs, it has community school and a college, have no need to travel far to go to college, however they made the college after I was done with college in Amarillo.
Dalhart is a bustling small town driven by agriculture, two major railroads, and a Hilmar Cheese plant. Every year on the first weekend of August, Dalhart is proud to host the annual XIT Rodeo and Reunion. This rodeo draws over 20,000 people and because of the popularity, XIT Rodeo holds the title of hosting the World's Largest Free BBQ. This small town is perfect for those who like to get away from the city and enjoy the beauty of the Texas High Plains.
Dalhart is a small town in the panhandle of Texas. It is a farming, ranching community with Hilmar Cheese factory.
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Dalhart is a very accepting and safe town to live in. I have lived here for the entirety of my life and have experienced no problems.
I love living in this medium sized town. I know just about everyone here, and the people are so friendly. I have had the opportunity to be involved in the community and many organizations.
The amount of vacant properties is little and the cost of living is not that bad here in town.
It's a great community if you are looking for a quaint little town.
The crime in this town is slowly starting to crime. It could be be something like cyber bullying to stealing another persons belongings.
Dalhart is an amazing location to live in only if you are looking to settle and stay somewhere for quite a while. The people of Dalhart are incredible and are willing to contribute to all social gatherings whether its fund raisers or meetings. In the future I see this town flourishing with businesses and people.
There have been very many break ins in the past few days, mostly by where I live. I become very concerned for my vehicle, and for my house. Many people have guns without licenses and that is also very concerning. I believe we need to crack down on having handguns or even shotguns.
This area is a very family orientated place, and I enjoy being here with my family. If I had the choice to move back here with my own family after I completed my college education, I would if I had no other place to go. The school system is great, and raising my children here would not be so bad.
We get more equal attention than someone in a bigger class.
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