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The sense of community here is unlike anything else. The city has a rich history that you can read about or see in the amazing architecture found throughout.
Cumberland is a quiet, mountain town located in the western portion of Maryland. There are good schools, and ample job opportunities available.
Met a lot of great people in my time here, but the drug rate and crime is very bad because of the prison close by. The area has grown and we’ve started to get some good new stores and restaurants and it’s nice for a small town.
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Cumberland is a moderately large city in Western Maryland. In recent years, the community has struggled with drug abuse and poverty; however, the mayor and townspeople are working hard to address these issues. Cumberland also takes pride in a rich history that it takes a great deal of pride in.
Very poor and dealing with deadly opioid epidemic, but downtown is developing quite nicely. New restaurants and stores are opening. Cumberland is very close to the state and federal prisons. Most residents are employed there, or have family members incarcerated.
I have always felt safe growing up in Cumberland. It's a small town with small class sizes that teachers remember you years after you graduate. I have appreciated being able to raise my children here. For the size of the town there are ample ways to entertain yourself. There is a beautiful canal for hiking or biking and a historic scenic train. There history of the area along with the mountains make the are breathtaking all times of the year.
Cumberland is simply a beautiful mountain town. It’s quiet and full of wholesome kind people. In my opinion, positives far outweigh.
Homes are typically dated but affordable. There’s a wide variety of restaurants and a recent wave of new options. The bike trails are awesome. Bike to Pittsburgh or DC. The job market seems stable. WMHS, CSX, IBM, Northrop Grumman are a few of the larger employers.

Cumberland is a great spot if you are into the outdoors and want to live in a cheap town.
Help! We're stuck here. Home values have not increase after 20 years. It's a dead end for young adults. Funerals (drugs) for young adults are a common occurrence. Companies have passed on moving here when the majority of applicants fail drug testing. Being bi-racial, I have never seen so much racism. At every gathering, I am asked what nationality I am. They either walk away or tell me how non-racist they are. My children are asked what nationality they are. My son was told, while in line at Walmart, "Boy, you look like some kinda minority." Many residents are from big cities and live on a low fixed income. Residents do not want any change. They don't care that their kids have to move away to support themselves. They just want their home values to stay at 1970 rates so that their taxes don't go up. Everything here is cheap but you get less than what you pay for. Cumberland is circling the drain and attracts the worst in any field.
Cumberland is a beautiful place. Family Friendly, affordable and 2 hours from everything. Hiking and all out door activity is a must when the weather is right. I highly encourage others to get out and experience the lifestyle for themselves.
I like the small home town feel. "Everybody knows your name". I would like to see an increase in safety and more things being done to help in the drug epidemic in town.
There is so much to do here. If you like to be outdoors, you can walk along the GAP bike trail. You can also take a scenic railroad tour or just wander around historic downtown.
Cumberland is beautiful and historic. Many of the streets and buildings are historic. Its very beautiful in many areas of Cumberland. They have renovated many of the run down areas. There is not many job opportunities. I would like to see all the crime subside. There has been many overdoses and drug activity that is terrible.
This is area is beautiful. Unfortunately the area has many problems. These problems include crime and especially drugs. The outskirts are not as but as in town. The area is beautiful and for me, worth it.
Cumberland has lot to offer with beautiful views and places to go. There's about something for everyone. While it has its draw back it's still a nice town. There's plenty of things to do outdoors or indoors. Overall it's a nice little town in Maryland.
Cumberland isn't a horrible place to be. There are a lot of beautiful historical attributes to this town and can be very lovely from the outside looking in. The problem with this town is when you live in it. With very little for the youth to do it had lead to most of them on drugs or in jail. The crime rate is steadily increasing and nobody feels safe in this town. It's a dead end town. There are no opportunities here and everyone seems to want to escape. The most popular thing about Cumberland is there is a bar on literally every corner.
Cumberland has two things going for it: low cost of living and beautiful natural scenery. Socially and economically, it is not a good place to live.
Cumberland is a beautiful community with historic places of interest, well maintained bike paths, and a quaint walk-able downtown shopping district. Unfortunately the industries this community use to rely on economically have closed and the area is in a decline; however, Cumberland is trying to encourage growth with it's #BeBold campaign. Cumberland is building an interesting art community and hosts a large number of local festivals and events.
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I live in the highest rated crime area in my community, and I have never once had a problem with crime. There are instances when there is a break in or vandalism, but the police as well as the community volunteer crime watch keep our area safe.
Because the area has a small town feel, high school rivalries are a lot more prominent and motivate the youth to represent their school very well.
With the bad comes the good. I have some great neighbors and some that I wish didn't live near me.
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