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Cresson is a very typical tiny town in PA. It has one main street on only one grocery. The most popular places to go are Sheetz and the bar unfortunately. It is pretty cold and windy since its pretty high up elevation-wise. The plus is that you can know everyone who lives here within a couple months, without trying to.
I just moved to Cresson PA, a few months ago. The people here are very nice, and where i'm at in Cresson the stores are near by. The area is clean and well kept something that i'm not sure to just yet. I have already experiment snow here, have to say they already had the road plowed by the time I woke up. I give this town a 4/5 out of five becaues there are a few areas where I don't like how they did the road, and I live in a "swamp" part. IT no joke when they say "welcome to the Swamp" However i'm hoping that it isn't like this year around. Just have to wait and see.
I moved to Cresson basically on a "whim" nearly 3 years ago. It took a little time getting used to the nearby trains but I like the area and have never felt unsafe here. Not a lot to do in Cresson as far as Nightlife for adults but there are parks for kids to play and a public pool and you can get to Altoona within about 15 minutes where there is plenty to do. All in all it's a nice little town in my opinion.
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I love that its a small town where everybody know everybody. There is always someone to help you in a time of need.
Cresson is a small town in Pennsylvania, located on top of a mountain. There is very little to do in the town, with only one grocery store and 2 stop lights. Mount Aloysius College has made this into a small college town, but lacks activities for the college students to partake in. However, the area is absolutely beautiful, especially in the fall with the leaves turning colors.
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