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I have lived in Craig for 15 years and even though it is a small town, it is still home. While it may not have many places to hang out or stores to shop at, it makes up for it in outdoor experiences. Only a stones throw away from forested mountains, lakes, and beautiful camping spots, Craig is an outdoorsman’s dream.
Craig has a lot to offer when it comes to nature, hunting, fishing, and proximity to these things. It has all the necessities you need to live, but lacks in the entertainment and social atmosphere.
Craig is a typical small, rural community. Many people are very hard working and nice. There is however only one theatre, which only has 2 showings on the weekends, and a bowling alley. It lacks entertainment and shopping!
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Small town in the mountains with kind people and decent schools; K-AA. Plenty of growing opportunities. The beautiful and powerful Yampa River names this valley.
Craig, Colorado is a unique town. I have learned that the town is based around coal and oil. The people in Craig are very nice and welcoming. The Yampa River runs through the town and the parks are very well kept- My family really enjoys them. The things I would like to see change in Craig is the lack of different businesses. There is not much shopping in Craig besides Wal-Mart and very few local shops. There could also be brought forth more activities for the community. I have three young children and there isn't much for them to do. There are parks and a swimming complex but for rainy or snowy days (much of all winter), my kids can only enjoy the playground at the local McDonald's.
There needs to be stronger education on the signs of depression and the correct courses someone should take to help someone with depression. There also needs to be a drug rehabilitation center within the county.
So far the experience has been good except for jobs. This is a coal mining and power plant town so everything is in relation to that. Since the war on coal started there are fewer and fewer part time jobs to find, I know this because I am a full time student and have been searching for almost three months. I recommend before you move here already have a steady income in place and make sure that you do not intend on losing such.
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