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There have been a lot of break ins in my neighborhood. Otherwise its been pretty good living here, the town is growing.
I moved to Coweta a year or so ago and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not. The town has plenty to offer. Great places to eat, clean gas stations, and also great churches and fun things to do on the weekend. Coweta is a super quiet and safe town. I've never had any problems with anyone or anything in Coweta. I plan on staying close to home after I graduate high school.
I have lived all over the Tulsa area. I lived in Tulsa a majority of my life and I remember it never being very bad, but the last 8 years it has deteriorated for sure, the crime is really bad, and bad things just happen all over, after tulsa we moved to broken arrow which I absolutely loved, it’s smaller than Tulsa but I feel like there’s so many people there, the high school is like a college campus and it’s one of the only schools where you walk outside to get to your next class. I now live in Coweta and it is a small town that I really love, the people here are so friendly, It’s safe, crime rate is low, the only thing that isn’t that great is how bad the bugs are as well as how terrible the water is here
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Coweta is a great little town to visit. There's not tense of stuff to do. But they do have little Town Farmers Market, churches have Funtown get-togethers. Hardly any criminal Acts. Drunk people driving around like idiots. A few stores here in there, there is an Atwoods, Taco Bell, Sonic, Mexican restaurants, and a new QT.
Wonderful! small city tucked away in the suburbs of Tulsa. 10 minute drive to expressways to get you within any food or entertainment establishment of your choice. Small community with friendly atmospher, wonderful homegrown appeal. This city is growing, and becoming increasingly popular. Housing is very affordable and readily available. Daycare can be established within 10 to 15 minutes of anywhere you work. Crime is low, and minor in nature.
I have lived in Coweta for 18 years. This city has been good for the most part. Growing up here I had a mostly enjoyable time. Getting my first job here was easy. But working there I had a chance to see the people of the city. And most of them were nice, I did see some of the Coweta people that would scare anyone
As a child growing up in Coweta I hated everything about it. Everybody knew everybody and there was absolutely nothing to do. Now I appreciate my little town that is now booming in growth. Which actually saddens me at the same time it excites me. I love knowing that I have classmates who are now teachers in the school system who will be my children's teacher. I appreciate this town so much more than I did as I was growing up.
Reminds me of my home town, small but close to larger city. Not too big. Has potential room to grow
very quiet town but needs more activities to do in this town. It also needs more restaurants to eat out at, and would like to have a supplement store like complete nutrition here in town. The traffic here is fine before school lets out, but overall not bad to drive through town. It still has a small town vibe because everybody knows somebody that knows who you are. Which is not a bad thing at times. The locals are very friendly and there are some good small town shops here.
I live in Coweta and work in Tulsa, which is a 30 minute commute. It is very family friendly and safe. It is a quiet, peaceful, small town with affordable houses. There's not a lot going on here though, so I usually go into Tulsa for restaurants and activities.
I love the small-town feel amid the close proximity of the "big-city." The schools are well-staffed by caring professionals; the local businesses are staffed by friendly employees. There is a plethora of churches available as well.
most of the people in town care about their houses and yards.
It is growing and getting better. The schools are good and building new buildings.
The housing is okay, in my neighborhood the houses are close together. In the town we have apartment complexes too. There are people who have a lot of land too.
We are a small town. Small towns like to stick together.
The police are often slow to responding to calls. That is going to happen in a small town though
I love where I live. The neighbors are friendly and look out for each other.
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Coweta is a great place to live. You have the feel of a small town where you know everyone. People watch out for each other. You are only minutes from a larger town where you can still get to everything quickly.
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