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The only downside to Covington is the crime. Because we are a quiet neighborhood, things go bump in the night and sometimes go unchecked.
Covington is a small quiet town. I've only been here about 6 months but so far i like it. The people are friendly and for the most part a very safe city. It's also on the outskirts of Atlanta.
I love the small hometown feel of Covington, but I don't like that there are hardly any jobs in Covington.
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Covington is a pretty good place to be. They offer great education for kids preK - 12th grade along with a peaceful surrounding. Covington is about 35-45 mins from Downtown Atlanta but makes up for it by having tons of activities within in the town square of Covington and great stores/shopping center for the community.
It's a good country/city feel area. It's not too country and not too city! I've lived in this area for over 5 years and I'm satisfied with it.
Covington was a small town that thinks it is still a small town. There are many new businesses cropping up due to the movie industry here and in Atlanta. There are plenty of small suburbs with houses to rent or buy but there is not much of a night-life (small town) and many of the higher paying jobs will be in Atlanta which means a commute time of 30+ minutes depending on traffic and where in Atlanta you'd have to travel. Many conservative and christian folks from what I've observed. Also, there is no public transit down here so having transportation is a must since things are more spread out and there aren't many sidewalks available.
It’s a small local town that is close to metro Atlanta. It’s not to far from Atlanta, Macon, August and many other areas. It’s peaceful and the houses are reasonable. The crime rate is low and the neighbors are nice.
No jobs health care sucks. Need city transportation out hear. The school is two years behind. Needs transportation!!!!!!!
I love this town! I’ve been here for about five years and people are (mostly) very kind! The schools are good, shopping is always easy, and the city has a fairly reliable government! The police and fire department are also very active in community relations building strong bonds between citizens and emergency services! It’s a small town but I’m always meeting people new! Also a small tourist town but they’re pretty nice! All and all great place to live!
This county sucks. It is so small that you get ripped off by all of the utility company's. They overcharge the customers and do not provide alternative options for products or services. From the Newton County water to electric, you can only utilize one company and if that company sucks which they both do, you don't have any other options or alternatives available to you. Just to continue to pay into a company that refuses to give services that work with you. You would be better off to stay in a more rural area where they provide more options for you and competitive business practices.. You will get sucked into doing exactly what they tell you because you absolutely have NO OTHER CHOICE.
Is a small city about 45mins outside of Atlanta. Cost of living is adorable and the school system is wonderful!
Very comfortable area where you are not far from any big stores or restaurants. Many quiet neighborhoods and very safe so great for family life.
The affordability and commute time. Not even close to the amount of traffic in other metro areas. The public schools are great, no high crime rate. I just love it here in Covington, GA. It's also close to my job. Don't have to get on the interstate to go places.
Covington is a amazing family city with everything for everyone. There is always something affordable to do. There are hotels for around and tourist attractions. One thing i would like to see changed in this city is to add more family , friendly. attractions.
I like Covington because there isn't much traffic and it's near the city. Also its like a mini city within it self. However, the energy company charges way too much on electric rates. I wish they would be more inventive and incorporate more solar panels and wind turbines to help lower the energy costs for customers.
I would love to see better apartment complex's at a more moderate price list. Although I do like the fact that everything is at a walking distance with an affordable price.
Covington, GA is a very good place to live. I was born and raised here and I have seen everything from new roads and businesses to all the new homes and people that have came here. My latest witness has been the new Town Center they are about to add in to the city. It is going to accommodate the new movie studio and media center that is about to be built. I have seen so many new things get added here in my 30+ years of being here. It is a great place to live.
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Covington Ga is a very peaceful place to live the night life is okay but it could be improved with later bussiness hours. There are many really good resturants to eat at in Covington like Mystic Grill, Philly Hut, and Little Phillies to name a few.
I have lived her approximately 18 yrs. My wife have been married for 19 years and are currently raising our family in this city. We have seen a lot of new developments and the area is really growing.
Covington is an excellent place to live. The people is nice and its a decent size. The neighborhood are very nice and affordable. I feel 100% comfortable living here with my family.
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