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A well developed, family-friendly neighborhood at the foot of the Cottonwood Canyons. It's scenic and filled with natural splendor. I've grown up in this community and I know there is nothing quite like my hometown.
It is a very nice place to live. Although some people are rude if you don't believe in their religious beliefs.
I like this city! However, its very cliquey and I don't always feel safe. They have an awesome city Arts department. The public education is pretty bad by my standards. Its the perfect place if you like small towns but you want to be close to a big city.
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I moved to Cottonwood Heights when I was eight years old. I really like that Cottonwood Heights is a somewhat smaller town in the middle of Salt Lake City. Pretty much everything is about a 20 minute or less of a drive from home. There are plenty of restaurants, stores, and other activities nearby. Cottonwood Heights itself does not have much traffic, and I loved being so close to the city without having to deal with all the people.
The culture of Cottonwood Heights is that of a nostalgic neighborhood in the 1950's. In the summer there are block parties. Children walk to a local pool in the nearby park and pay a mere $2 for entry. Neighbors know one another and wave as they walk or drive by. Your sideway may be shoveled and there may be a plate of cookies on your doorstep on any given day. I grew up in Southern California. I thought this type of neighborhood had gone extinct. But here we are and we love it.
The area is always really nice and fun to visit. always something to do. I love the amount of snow cone shacks and food places it has to offer.
It's nice and established, especially for being a relatively new city, but because it's a nice city, it attracts a lot of parents who are stuck up. It also has a relatively conservative demographic, which, for some, could be a little off-putting. Generally, though, it is a great place to raise a family. There's a lot to do. It's right next to the city, but also a five-minute drive to the mountains. The schools are very nice and only keep improving. There are a lot of parks and open green areas. The majority of the demographics here are Caucasian people. It's alright.
Very nice neighborhood, safe, relatively wealthy, very white. I've lived here my whole life and am quite attached to it. There are no universities here so I don't think anyone will ever see this.
The Cottonwood Heights area is down the street from some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country. Four world-class resorts are roughly a 15-20 minute drive from the city. Cottonwood Heights also has several playgrounds and trails (all which my kids love). There are also several local eateries and even breweries.
Love the area, lower crime rate, friendly people, right by the mountains easy access to trails, canyons, and local grocery stores. I don't have kids old enough to go to schools there but I understand they are great. The houses are aging but many new builds continue to go up. Local population is middle class with mostly a suburb of living, most have to commute to work.
I grew up in this area and now I am back as an adult. It’s a wonderful place to live, raise a family, go to school, and work.
Its nice to feel safe where you live, and its probably the only place in salt lake left where you can feel that way.
Small town, very rich. Good place to live; very protected. Too many cops; too many mormons. Not a bad place to be though. I've enjoyed Cottonwood Heights.
I enjoy living in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. A suburb of Salt Lake City, it has been a lovely place to grow up. I feel fortunate to have such immediate access to quality public education, health services, recreation centers, and entertainment facilities.
The commute to the bigger city is close enough to access all sorts of fun activities, but Cottonwood Heights is far enough from most of the main traffic and bustle so it is quite and safe.
I currently live in cottonwood heights and I love it. I enjoy how close I am to the ski resorts and the affordability of living here.
Beautiful location, close and easy access to the mountains, central to the city. Richer area so downside is the attitude of people from that.
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Great, safe place to live close to everything. My boyfriend had lived here for years and never wants to move. I've enjoyed the few months I've been here with him.
It's a beautiful area nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, and aptly described as "the city between the canyons", as it's a short ride into Big or Little Cottonwood Canyons for skiing or hiking. It's a good area to live and work, and it's extremely close to the 215 belt route which allows easy access to the University of Utah and downtown Salt Lake City. There's a recreation center, bicycle paths, and some beautiful parks sprinkled throughout the area. Additionally, the city sponsors remarkable community events, including it's crown jewel, Butlerville Days held around Pioneer Day (7/24).

Real estate is highly sought after and relatively expensive, so the area tends to lean towards upper middle class. Older neighborhoods tend toward a mixture of families with older children and older couples, while developments have a mix of everything. The population is primarily white.
Cottonwood Heights sits nestled between two of the most magnificent canyons in the world. The city relatively recently earned incorporation, and as such, worked diligently to achieve incredible feats: Investing in parks and trails, rebuilding schools, localizing city services, maintaining some of the lowest taxes in the state, among many other victories. Cottonwood Heights values the community who comprises it. Quaint and family-friendly, with nearby freeway access to countless canyons across the Wasatch Front, the city truly is a gem.
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