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The neighborhood has had some break ins, crack houses, vandalism. There are streetlights that can be ignored for months to get fixed. The stop sign took months to get fixed. there has been one shooting nearby, but the police took care of it quickly.
It's close to Seattle, near freeway entrances into larger cities. Always growing community. Lived here my whole life.
There's been an increase in home and car break-ins.
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Great area to raise a family.
Great school district in a wealthy community. Population is growing fast, so there is a lot of construction.
The time in my live when I moved made it challenging, and being a teen makes it even harder to be apart of the community but it hasn't been terrible.
The abundance of nature is the crowning jewel of the Pacific Northwest. It simply cannot get any better than this.
Living within two miles of a fire station was a major deciding factor in buying our house. Reaction time is very good.
I have no major concerns regarding safety.
The weather is dismal in the winter, being rainy and cold most of the time. Summers and spring are glorious, though, and make up for the gray skies during the colder months.
From food trucks to five star restaurants and everything in between, it's available here.
With Microsoft, Google, Expedia, and Amazon in our local area, job opportunities are many. Not just at those specific companies, but in the community as a result of the many people who work at those companies.
Being in a suburb of Seattle means that one can find just about anything at any time. Businesses in the area range from mom-and-pop local small businesses to big box stores. Depending on what you're looking for, you can find it within about a 15 minute drive.
This entire area and most of the surrounding areas have a large base of environmentally-conscious people, and as such there are many stores with the same mentality. You can go to your standard chain stores and find large organic and local sections. Some stores- like PCC and Whole Foods -are entire chains dedicated to selling products that are more environmentally-friendly and nutritious.

There is also a strong awareness of allergies and allergy alternatives. I have a fairly severe gluten allergy, and considering the prevalence of gluten in most foods, I feel fairly unlimited in what I can eat. There are gluten-free pizzas, breads, granola, power bars, crackers- you name it! There are also many dairy alternatives in every category of food products, which is another common allergy.

The overall feeling of this area is variety and productivity. There are plenty of stores of every kind, whether that be Rite Aid or Super Supplements. Anyone can find just about anything around here (though prices tend to be fairly high, and even higher for the less processed foods).
The primary categories for employment in this area are tech/IT, health care, restaurants, small businesses, and your standard chain stores for the area. While these categories are not bad in their own right, the requirements and social pressures make getting a job difficult. Anyone who seeks a higher-paying job has to combat the multitudinous mob of people similarly qualified. Every job opportunity has a horde of piranhas tearing it apart shortly after it is advertised. Considering that this area is very educated and generally wealthy, there are also significant prejudices against those who are not. That being said, opportunities for education are everywhere; affordable programs are offered by the various community colleges in the area and the public schools are very highly rated. The problem with this community is also it's strength: there are a lot of educated people in this area.
Woodinville has become quite the tourist attraction due to all of the wineries we have. During the summer, we have concerts going on every week at Chateau Ste Michelle as well as other events for wineries. We also have a zipline, lavender farm, farmers market, etc.
Woodinville is a wealthy area with some pretty good job opportunities, but most people travel to work. That is not a bad thing though because the freeway is very easy to access and it provides a barrier from work and home. If you want to work close to home though, there are plenty of opportunities. Many people around here work for Microsoft.
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Woodinville is a very wealthy town and consists of large houses, two to three garage spaces, large lawns, plenty of space, etc. Even the apartments are kept very nice here. That being said, it is an expensive area to live in, but worth it for the space!
Woodinville is a great place to live due to its cleanliness and lack of pollution. The population here really cares about recycling, having smaller carbon footprints, not littering, etc. The parks are kept pristine, the roads are litter free, and the people that live here like to keep it that way.
Woodinville is an extremely active community. We have trails all around the area for people to walk, run, bike, or ride horses. There are also plenty of gyms in our area for people to join and use. High school sports are taken pretty seriously as well which means that a lot of kids are working out and working hard to make those teams.
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