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Costa Mesa is an amazing city with much to offer and beautiful scenery in most areas. You can find just about anything you need in this city, it's just around the corner. The people of Costa Mesa are like no other, they're genuinely caring and loving. The local authorities are quick to respond and treat you like their own at all times. We're a community who loves to see each other grow and become successful together. Not being biased even though this is my home city, but It does have much to offer with many local programs and resources that we can all enjoy. If you’re ever thinking of stopping by Costa Mesa, just go for it and it won’t disappoint.
Costa Mesa is a city that has great access to the beach, great weather all year round, and very nice neighborhoods, if you can afford it.
What I like about Costa Mesa is that it is a very calm small city. What I would like to see change is the environment. There is often trash that is seen out in the streets and some areas that are unsettling. There have also been a lot more homeless people living out on the streets.
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I've lived in the city my entire life and I really don't have much to complain about. I have been attending classes at Orange Coast College and from what little I know of the school I'd say it is pretty good. You also got South Cost Plaza here which is a pretty nice mall.
Great racial diversity and wide selection of food choices. Everything is within a convenient distance, ranging from schools to groceries to restaurants to freeways.
Costa Mesa has a local home town vibe. You will run into someone you know while out in the town. Most everyone knows everyone by 1-2 degrees of separation. This makes Costa Mesa a great home town.
I’ve lived in Costa Mesa since I was born. In both places where I’ve lived within the city the people have been friendly. I haven’t actually had an issue with anybody personally. I like going to Fairview Park, it’s really nice and close to nature. You can watch the sunset and it connects with different parks so there’s different animal species there. Some are coyotes, rattle snakes, rabbits, ducks, lizards, and different bird species. It is however, pretty expensive when it come to rent so there’s the downside but then again California is expensive. There has recently been a spike in homeless people going to the city so I would definitely want that to change. To see if the city can find a way to help them and give them a roof over there heads. I have read that there has been some incidents with the homeless people living there stealing things. Overall though, I do like living there.
Costa Mesa has a variety of small and big businesses. This city is small, but it comes with lots of activities and community events. Doesn't take long to commute to the beach. The downside is it is expensive to live in Costa Mesa.
Great City, very safe and lots to do! It has grown in the last 10 years, It is a very affordable place to be and there is lot of activities and restaurants. It is a very safe place to live and the people are very friendly. If you want diversity this is the place to be , there is a multicultural group of people with different types of restaurants and things to do
One thing that I really love about Costa Mesa, is the diversity of food, people and culture. The only thing that I would like to change is the high prices of housing. Whether is a house or an apartment; It can get really expensive.
Costa Mesa is a nice place. Lots of cool places to eat and bars to check out. It's close to the beach and near other cool locations like Newport and Huntington. Generally, I feel safe but I am always cautious. There are fewer homeless people but you do run into some every so often. Overall, I would say Costa Mesa is a nice place to live.
Overall Costa Mesa has been a great place to live, especially as a young adult. It has great access to restaurants and things to do, bike paths to the beach. I appreciate the diversity of the area and it’s not too sterile or boring.
Costa Mesa is good city, really pretty. I enjoy going to the OC fair that's held in Costa Mesa every summer.
I absolutely love Costa Mesa. This city is truly a dream, with everything you need and want within driving or walking distance. We've got the beach, the mountains, the dessert, national parks, amazing shopping, and even better food. However, I wish my community paid more attention to our environment and put in a larger effort to protect and preserve the natural world around us like the movement in Seattle.
The best part about Costa Mesa is the people that live there. It is very diverse, everything that you could possibly ever need is right down the street from you at all times and it's minutes from the beach. Costa Mesa has a lively environment and promotes health through many facets, namely yoga, juicing and activity.
I've grown up in Costa Mesa, attended the schools, worked at restaurants, and socialized in the bars. It is a wonderful town full of diversity and great shopping.
The community has a young vibe with many couples in their 30's. Lots of dogs and friendly places to take them. It's orange county, so it's expensive to live here
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Costa Mesa is a very nice city located in orange county California. This city has lots of restaurants and fun outdoor activities . You can visit the worldwide known shopping center of South Coast Plaza. Take a hike to the beautiful back-bay or spend the day in the sun in southern California beaches. There is something here for everyone of every age.
The city offers lots of restaurants and shopping. Located close to the beach and access to the interstate for travel to other cities. Has a younger vibrant working class.
I really like Costa Mesa because everyone here is different. We always have perfect weather and are only 15 minutes away from the beach. One thing I think we can improve on is helping the homeless. Costa Mesa has many homeless people and I feel like we can do something better to help all of them.
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