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I enjoy the small-town feeling. Coming from a small town, it was easier to adjust to the school and the town.
I like the small-town feeling, but I would prefer it if I did not have to do a half-hour drive to go to other towns to get what I need for the week.
Small town living, low crime rate, and quiet. There are two grocery stores, Safeway and Savemore. They are both a five minute drive or less from any part of town. Overall, a great little town to grow up in. However, not a place for permanent residence or career advancement.
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It is a small town so it is easy to get anywhere. There is always new people moving in and the neighbors are friendly.
Corning is a small town and has all the expected small town charms. It is very common to be recognized by other people on the street, at school, or at work because of the tight-knit community. There are plenty of good eating spots, as well recreational areas such as parks and a bowling alley.
It's a small town without many stores but is a pleasant rural town. Chico is the next larger town and it's about 30 minutes away.
I moved to corning five years ago from Philadelphia. I love that corning is slower than the city. I also the love the vast skies and animals grazing with sweet corn smells breezing through the air. I don't like how hot the summers get, or how by June every year all the grass and vegetation seem to die off.
I love that Corning is a small town, and that everyone is involved with activities here. One thing i don't like about the town is that there are a lot of low lifes who like to steal and cause trouble, but is there a town in the world that doesn't have crime? Everyone in Corning knows each other and are very friendly for the most part. I love the fact that Corning isn't too close or too far away from very popular places which is a big factor in my opinion.
I have lived in this town my whole life and I have to say that I love it here. It's a nice smallish town that is friendly and you will get to know a lot of people quickly. We don't have big places to go here but we are surrounded by towns less than an hour away that are full of places to shop, eat, and to have fun, so don't get discouraged by that.
I moved to Corning when I was 12 years old, and while I didn't enjoy it at first, I came to love to quiet that comes with small towns. I grew up in LA, so that shift from loud and busy to quiet and slow was great.
Corning is a small town where everyone knows everyone. Not much happens but it's easy to make new friends and there plenty of good neighborhoods around town.
There is really nothing to see.........................
I cant find a job.................................................................................................................
We rarely get rain because of the drought, no tornadoes or earthquakes recently, have had some thunderstorms recently, but not a whole lot of rain from them. Wildfires are a huge problem, they occur in large quantities every year around summer time.
We have a few fast food restaurants and some local restaurants, but really that's about it...
It is almost impossible to get a job in the market. Most people have to travel almost 1 hour away to find a job at a mcdonalds.
We have a few big businesses and many small family businesses in our town. Must go to another town to find good grocery stores or a Walmart, Foodmax, a mall, ect... We do have Bell Carter Olive Co. Which is an international olive company. It is more commonly known as Lindsay Olives or it is also in store brands such as Safeway Select and the Walmart brands.
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