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Besides beautiful old homes, Cooperstown leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve lived in small touristy towns in several states, all of which had much more to offer. Unless you are totally obsessed with baseball, there is little to shop for or look at.
I have lived in Cooperstown my whole life. It's small but has much to offer and living in a small town with the Baseball HOF certainly brings a unique perspective.
Amazing place to raise kids but little expensive. Baseball Hall of Fame is the famous place. OStego lake is great place in the summer. Lot of activities throughout the year but winter is terrible with a lot of snow.
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Cooperstown is a very active baseball town that is usually full of tourists. Restaurants are abundant and usually on the more expensive side as well as better quality. There are a couple hotels and bed and breakfasts in Cooperstown as well. My advice would be to avoid Main St on the Baseball Hall Of Fame induction weekend unless you are there specifically for that; it gets obnoxiously busy and full of people who don't know where they are walking. Watch out for tourists walking out into the street.
Cooperstown is a small town in Upstate New York, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. It has many small businesses that encourage all people. It is the home of Bassett Healthcare Network that employs thousands of employees in the area.
There honestly isn't much offered in the area. The Baseball Hall of Fame is the main attraction as well as the Cooperstown Dreams Park, an area for young prospective teams to showcase their talents. Plenty of seasonal job opportunities due to the touristic nature of the town. Temperate climate allows a range in of hobbies. Due to the rural nature of the town and surrounding area, mobility is easy and each neighboring town is an average of 20-minute travel. I worked for three years at the four-diamond hotel, The Otesaga Resort. The town is clean, accommodations are reasonable, and the nearby Bassett Medical Center provides entry level as well as professional employment opportunities.
Crime is very low and police are friendly and helpful.
Though Cooperstown can have its problems, there are many great things in this town. Because of the town's small population of just 1,800 people, it is a quaint village where everyone knows one another. During the summer, Cooperstown turns into a great vacation destination for many families across the United States and even Canada. Many come to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and those with younger children who play baseball come to visit the Dreams Park baseball fields where they participate in a tournament. Summers are spent on and around the lake that is a block from Main Street. The crystal blue waters allow for boating, waterskiing, and other water activities. Winters can be cold and snowy, but in Cooperstown you're never too far from a ski resort. Cooperstown really is an ideal village to grow up in.
There is a lot to do in Cooperstown, New York. It is home to the baseball hall of fame and situated on the south end of Otsego Lake.
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