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I see police paroling the roads in my area almost every day. Usually stopping people for traffic violations, they are making the roadway more safe for everybody else. There are two policemen that patrol at my school which will hopefully prevent any intruder from wandering into the school uninvited.
I like scanning the clear skies and taking in my surroundings. I find myself getting lost in the forest around me. I want to come back to Maribel and live after traveling to see other areas. I hope it stays the same.
If you're not from here, they aren't very friendly.
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It's a super small town
It's average for the state
There are no opportunities at all!
Most are small family owned shops, lacking large stores.
There are some good companies in the area, it may be difficult to find work in certain fields
It is sometimes not favorable, especially the windchill in winter or the heat in summer, but it is typical weather and something that you get used to. There is not much severe weather only the occasional storm.
There aren't really any fancy or high quality restaurants but there are a variety of unique local restaurants
Very friendly people but not much diversity in the area
There isn't much housing for sale in the area
There a not many large stores in the area
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