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Cookeville is a safe city to live. it is a college town so there are plenty of activities during the semester for example football games and such. The only downside is the public transport. having a car is practically a necessity in Cookeville.
As a teenager who wants to explore and be busy, Cookeville is not the place for me. It is wonderful for young children, as there are a few great parks and cute places to visit. But as a teenager, there is not much to do at all.
Cookeville ,TN is a beautiful place to live. It is a real happening town with tons of things to do. It is a big college town with TTU right down the rd from my home. Cookeville is a very family oriented town and neighbors are like family and help out when in need.We have small little owner operated shops in the square that all work together in the community. It is really a lovely town with all the friendly people coming together. We have beautiful waterfalls all over the place, everywhere you look. We have lost creek falls, which it a little known fall only locals know about, Burgess falls is a great place to take the family to go hiking , and Cummins falls is the spot to be to go swimming. The only thing I would change about this town is add something more for family's to do, have more entertainment, like a family oriented arcade with something for everyone in the family can enjoy. I think, being a close nit town, we need more time with each other.
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Cookeville is a happy medium town of affordability, economic growth and small-town field. Conveniently located in the middle of the tri-city area of Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga it has a temperate climate that allows for plenty of outdoor activity at the many waterfalls and caverns it hosts. It also is the home of Tennessee Tech University, an affordable opportunity to encourage continuous education and vocational degrees.
It is a great small town community. There is not a lot for teens to do, but there are numerous job opportunities. Cookeville is constantly developing and growing.
This is an amazing small town with an up and coming feel to it. Cost of living is super feasible. Low crime rates and lots of outgoing people. Everyone is so welcoming here.
I am born and raised in Cookeville. This city has beautiful parks, wonderful schools, a great hospital, and fun local events.
Cookeville is a small town where everyone knows everyone. Most families have been here for generations, and the family businesses get passed down. There are also many opportunities for individuals to make their own businesses here and grow.

Cookeville is a great example of a quaint town that is changing rapidly as the years go on. More retail stores and popular names are coming to Cookeville, which brings in more money and better jobs for the residents.
Cookeville is constantly growing and expanding and is a great town to raise a family or even to live as a college student while attending the local university. The city works hard to bring in new opportunities and experiences to the residents.
Very diverse town a with a lively night life, but nothing to insane. It is a college town, but the "hang out" spots of the students are predictable. The culture is very welcoming. It is a growing city that has maintained it's small-town feel.
It is a great place to raise kids and grow up, a cheap college town. But not somewhere to have a career or grow as a person.
Awesome place to live and raise your children. Great place to retire and plenty of activities to enjoy. The retail experiences here are very friendly and despite it being a relatively small town has great choices for shopping and restaurants to enjoy.
I really like living in Cookeville. It's a very friendly town. Even though it's growing, it still has a small town feel to it through the businesses and people.
As a college freshman, I have fallen in love with Cookeville. The city is big enough to entertain but small enough for anyone to feel safe.
Cookeville, TN is a family friendly and a great place to raise your children. It is growing rapidly due to the expansive growth of Nashville, TN. Cookeville is an hour and a half East of Nashville so you still have all the amenities of a huge city without to headaches.
Cookeville would benefit from big box franchises moving in. It would bring more diversity to the area. Also, if Tennessee Technological University keeps expanding would help Cookeville immensely.
Overall, Cookeville has been a great home and upcoming area to live in. We Cookevillians look forward to what is to come.
Cookeville Is a lovely place to live, although it is becoming very populated. I would eventually like to retired here, but I have big plans for my future in Nursing.
Cookeville is a good town filled with new experiences and lots of greenery. What I would
Like to see changed is that there are not enough street lights.
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Small town, growing ever bigger. Cookeville is a quickly growing area, with a small technical university which brings diversity to an otherwise not very diverse area. It has many tendencies that would be considered "small-town", but is growing, and becoming more diverse. The job market within Cookeville is not that great, as the owners of factories and other industries were on the community board, and kept some prime opportunities from locating within the city. However, recently, there were many stores added to the area, which could possibly help raise the overall income of the city.
Cookeville is a cheap place to live, it's got that big town feel to it, but it's a small town. Locally owned restaurant.
Cookeville Tennessee is a wonderful place to live one amazing City between Nashville Knoxville and Chattanooga I call it Center City because it's between everything only if they had a airport would make it so much better they have everything Nashville has to offer
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