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The safety in my area I think is one of the best. We don't have crime at any time, there is nothing to be worried about.
This use to be a great area but over the years things have started to go down hill.
It isn't that bad, but people always make it out to be really bad. There just isn't much to do and you have to travel to find something to do.
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The schools have an open field and track where it is extremely easy to exercise. My hometown is every big on sports so we have a lot of access to this. A lot of people can be found walking or running on the track when it is nice out. If there is an injury, the hospital facilities are on point. I personally stay extremely active!
My part of town is extremely peaceful! Not much goes on, and you receive all of the space that you could possibly get! That is only because I live off towards the country side though. The best places to reside in my area would be in Davidsville, and the worst would be towards Hollsopple.
I am not too aware of the crime and safety in this area. There aren't too many crimes, and the crimes you do hear about relate to drugs. The police seem to be on everything though.
During the winter, we receive huge snow storms. The roads are terrible and cause many accidents to occur. Temperatures get into the negatives, and many people begin to have car problems.
In this area, we have to travel 15 minutes to Richland where you can find 4 Sheetz, and a few McDonalds that are open all hours of the night. Besides from that, if you want to go out, there are a few local bars. It can be considered a dead beat town.
In this area, the job ratings are unbelievably low. You have to travel at least 20 minutes outside of town to find a job, if you are lucky. In order for me to get a high paying job with my major, I will most likely have to end up moving towns, or move to a bigger city.
In this small town, there are a few local businesses beside the high school located there. There is the Thomahawk, which is a deli where students can hang out after school. Being a small town, there is not much located here but you can drive up to the neighboring town Richland to receive anything that you possibly need.
Lack of variety in chain stores and creative stores.
A lot of fixer uppers and a lot of newly built places which are for sale (no jobs).
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