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I have lived in a small town called Penacook for three years. It has been a nice quiet neighborhood but it is starting to take a turn for the worst with the lower income housing being put in.
Typical town with a lot of flaws. I’ve lived here most my life and the people aren’t the greatest but that’s common in this world. Diversity is better than other cities in New Hampshire but still could improve.
A fantastic place to live, and a really great place to raise a family, Concord is one of the friendliest places imaginable. Big enough to have most things you'll want in a home town, and small enough that no one is more than 2 or 3 degrees removed, it provides a warm, inclusive community.
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The best part of being in Concord, New Hampshire, is the people you grow close to in the time you are there. I moved here in middle school, and most of the people I met then are still my close friends today. While there are some complaints to be made about Concord, as there are in any city or town, but they can be overlooked by a simple change in attitude. There are multiple fun things to do here such as go bowling, rollerskating, ice skating, go on late night drives, go shopping, and other things one may do with lifelong friends that can be made here.
Property taxes are ridiculously high, rent for any kind of apartment is insane. Concord High has some of the worst safety measures out of any school in the area. You can literally just waltz right in, they don't lock the doors, it's crazy.
Concord is best for raising families, not necessarily the upcoming bachelor or bachelorette. Additionally, Concord is great for business and has a high quality of life. Not too far from Boston either.
Concord, NH is a very friendly and fun town. From local restaurants, activities, and volunteer work, this community brings much fun to this town in NH.
I had lived in Concord, NH for 19 years. It was a really safe state to grow up in. The state as a whole was very safe as well. I enjoyed living in Concord, NH.
I have lived in Concord my whole life and I have loved every second of it! One of the things I love most about living here is that there is a wonderful balance between city life and things to do such as shopping, restaurants and events, but Concord also has nice country aspects that consist of lots of land and capture New Hampshire's beauty. The schools are good, I have always felt safe and there has always been something for me to do. Concord, New Hampshire is a beautiful place to both visit and live.
Beautiful down town. Plenty to do in and around Concord. Easy commute to any where in the State. Minutes from I-93 and I-89. It's is hard to find affordable housing that isn't in a good part of town. Crime rate has started to climb in recent years.
Small city that's on the rise, there are a lot of gears turning and the culture has changed immensely over the last ten years from complacency to modernization and growth, with an increasing focus on clean energy that outperforms most other cities in America.
Concord is the capital of New Hampshire. It has culture, things to do, great places to eat, and shop.
Clean, beautiful, small city. Perfectly located, with Boston, the Sea Coast and the white mountains all just a couple of hours away.
Nice place to grow up/raise a family, not too much to do but close to the highway for access to other state attractions/ fun activities near by. overall a friendly, safe, small city. Relatively quiet but occasionally has large, fun,, community events
Concord is a quaint capitol city whose downtown has seen a recent surge of activity in the past few years. It is not a very diverse city but that is slowly changing.
A small town in New Hampshire, the capital is a nice place with lots of little shops. Items in the city and statewide are also rather cheap due to the lack of sales tax.
Concord is a nice and quiet neighborhood. Rarely anything big occurs. We have a close knit community, people are nice, and everything is pretty close or within reach. There are places to hike, a variety of good restaurants or other food places, an okay public school, gyms, bookstores, plazas of stores, and many more.
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concord is a very safe place to live, it's also a great place to grow up with great school and activities around.
I like Concord because there is a lot to do. Downtown is great full of restaurants and it is clean. I also enjoy all the shopping both downtown and on Loudon Road. It is a great city with lots of things to do.
Concord has done a good job of redoing the downtown. But the lack of restaurants is insane. All the storefronts are cheap cellular providers or hair salons. Concord is just a bit too far from Boston to get the slightly more urbanity it needs. There is also no attempt to fix this problem. The school district is underfunded which redirects people to Bow or Hopkinton. Whenever you need something I end up going to Manchester or Bedford. Boston is just an hour away, yet it seems that is totally forgotten.
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