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Commerce City is an up and coming area with many restaurants and other commodities continuously being built. It's a short 25 minute drive to Denver but is far enough away from the hustle and bustle to just relax.
The reunion part of commerce city is very nice compared to most other Colorado cities. Very clean and not too crowded
It is a growing community, with plenty of friendly people and things to do. The city is expanding and becoming more full.
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I moved here almost 2 years ago and I really like it. I live in North Commerce City and it's really quiet out here. You are away from the big cities and it's not as crowded. Traffic out here is light. However, since it's a growing city they don't have a lot of retail shops to offer just yet. They are planning to build a movie theater and more restaurants so that is definitely a plus and we can't wait.
Commerce City is constantly growing and improving. It’s still a rather cheap place to live, but a lot of work has been put in to improve it!
One thing I like about my neighborhood is that is quite calm and there are many parks close to where I live.
Pretty quite round where we brought our place. Some times not often u get done kids messing up. Nice and quiet streets no robberies that we know off in years.
I love to see when the community members get together in order to get something done or help someone out, but at the end of the day it still is an issue to be out at night and the individuals in charge do not know what is best for the community. Majority of the time everyone around focuses more on Reunion instead of the older part of Commerce City
I have lived in commerce City for many years from Middle school to High School. I go do Horizon High School in Thornton Colorado because the school in Commerce City (Adams City) is not very great. I go to Thornton everyday so I have something to compare it to. Commerce City it much more of a community then others but is not the best looking or smelling. The houses are old and not very big but the people in them have been here for a long time and have a love for the city. I have grown to love where I live because of that reason. It may not be as fancy or modern as others but it is a tight community!
It's a good community and is kinda close to people. I have grown up in this area since I was little and have lived there and near Denver. Its a safe area and people are always watching out for others.
It is a new development-everything is new and the rec center is amazing. Looking forward to more restaurants being built.
Love my neighborhood. Everyone is super friendly and I love the fact that I can babysit. My job is walking distance and I feel super safe walk home from work.
This neighborhood is kind of lame for anyone over the age of 12. Everything is geared around children only. If you are an adult with no children you are basically unwelcome here. Since the neighborhood is so lame, it kind of stinks that it’s such a far drive to Denver to find something actually fun to do.
We live in kind of a food desert. Only a few mediocre restaurants and plenty of chains. Oh chains and fast food is not in short supply.
My experience of Commerce City was overall good. I am from California and choose to reside in Commerce City, Colorado to attend Colorado Christian University. The population is increasingly rising along with the prices out here and slowly becoming racially diverse in certain cities. My residence is near Denver Airport. The mountains and scenery are beautiful along with the high elevation. One thing that I am not a fan of is the snow but you get use to it as time takes it place. I would recommend this city to other people.
Commerce city colorado is a great place to live. Overall it could be better but it's all about how I live my life no someone else or what the city could accomplish and improve.
Commerce City helps unify and strengthen families to aspire and grow to be their very best. Commerce city and everyone who lives here desires incorporations of positive thinking and regulations.
I spent my whole life living in Commerce City, and there is nothing spectacular about it. It is nothing more than an average city.
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I love Commerce City! I live in Henderson and consider this to be my home town, its a sweet soft and clean community that I thoroughly enjoyed growing up in.
I like that it is developing into a huge community. Everyday new homes and businesses are being built.
Commerce City is welcoming and beautiful. There has been a lot of expanding recently as well. The construction can be annoying but the end result is worth it.
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