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Columbus is a great city, but there are pockets of bad areas. Generally it’s a good place to have a family in, though! Lots to do, lots to see!
Through my 18 years of living in Columbus, Ohio, I have found my experience to be extremely satisfactory. With the balance of busy, bustling city and safe, friendly suburban life, Columbus is a great place to live.
Not a fan of Columbus. Wish that Columbus had more transit options. Also wish that Columbus had more options of affordable housing in the downtown area. The road pavement in Columbus is really bad. The whole city need to repave all of the roads in and around the downtown area.
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Columbus is an up and coming city. It has robust food, technology, academic, and entertainment scenes that rival major cities but the cost of living is not yet astronomical.
Columbus is great for foodies and people who are interested in living in a city with diverse cultures. Decent housing is expensive and an associates or higher or roommates may be necessary to live comfortably, but many job opportunities are available. Most of the west side is very safe and great for families and single women. Night life is good on weekends but can be dull on weekdays.
Columbus has all the resources of a large city, but feels much smaller. It is a great place to live for people who like the city scene but may be overwhelmed by NYC or LA.
One of the most interesting things about Columbus, Ohio is that the city is quite large, however, it maintains the feel of a much smaller town. If the rural country side appeals to you, you can find it here. If the urban concrete jungle is more your style, you can find it here. If children, and suburbs and going to parks and zoos is what you are looking for, you can find it here. Columbus is one of the Midwest's best kept secrets.
I would altogether like a more inclusive and eccentric environment. Cleaner with faster construction times.
Columbus has become quite a large city in recent years. There are different possibilities popping up everywhere. It's a great sports town, very diverse and accepting of all walks of life. The traffic in the city is awful but pretty good for a more major city.
There are many excellent options for food. You could try a new restaurant every single day and still find many more. There is also an excellent bar scene.
Born and raised in Columbus and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else! The arena district has the best events from concerts, to sports. Also, can't beat the restaurants!
Very awesome community with amazing bars, nightlife and things to do. Proximity to Ohio State and its culture is fantastic.
Columbus is a decent place to live. Certain parts of Columbs shine more than others. Downtown is such a beauty. Nice restaurants and pretty hotels.
I live in the heart of Columbus, in Linden to be more specific. Living in an area that is predominantly different than where I used to live, I was surprised by the friendliness of the community. The neighborhood I live in has had it's issues with crime, but the local police are constantly patrolling and quick to respond. I am just a few miles from downtown, and the campus of The Ohio State University. One draw is all of the road construction in my area. However, this doesn't affect my commute to school or work.
Columbus area born and raised! Columbus offers multiple neighborhoods and suburbs to accommodate every lifestyle. Diversity is one of the best attributes Columbus has to offer. Local restaurants, art galleries, and shopping make up areas such as the short north, university district, German village, and Italian village. Plus, its the home of THE Ohio State Buckeyes!
A beautiful city with a million things to do. There are many niche boutiques and different activities everyday. There is many different neighborhoods and plenty of places to walk your pets. There are breweries and a variety of restaurants.
In certain parts of Columbus where I grew up it wasn't the best. There was people who smoked and did drugs. There was drunks and drug dealers. Every night I would go to bed you could hear police sirens. In the schools I went to there were people smoking in the bathroom and fights constantly happening. I would like to see more control there. Control over the drug use and the dealing. School police officers to stop from fights happening.
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Columbus is a great place to live an work. The city is growing in population and opportunity and there is always something to do.
Columbus is a beautiful city with a nice downtown area I enjoy it. I lived here my whole entire life.
Columbus is highly lgbtq friendly and has a fantastic zoo and many underrated features. Ohio is more than a flyover state.
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