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Columbia is a very small town in the suburbs of Cleveland. You will easily meet people and know a lot of families in the town. Everything you could need is within 30 minutes, fancy restaurants, fast food, shopping malls, downtown Cleveland, Playhouse Square, The Cleveland Orchestra, sports teams etc.
Columbia is a close knit place to live and it's where I grew up. When I was in high school they had a pretty good school system that consistently had at least an 80 percent pass rate on their graduation test and almost everyone in a class was expected to graduate. My class had about 90 to begin with 80 walked and I believe that 88 graduated
The crime isn't very high in Columbia Station especially because everyone knows everyone. If there is a crime the police respond to it quickly . It wouldn't be any slower than if you were living somewhere else. I feel relatively safe.
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such a wide variety of houses
great sense of community with the high school and sports teams
response times could be better but the police are there when you need them.
8/10. Beautiful houses and a lot of open land

But, is relatively far from a lot of places
We don't have police or neighborhood watch, there is some crime.
We don't have many public services.
The weather frequently changes by large increments, rendering people upset sometimes.
There's nowhere to work unless you want a job at a restaurant or in retail.
I don't drink, I'm not old enough.
We have the normal assortment of large stores and chain restaurants.
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