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I've lived in Columbia my entire life. It is a great place to raise a family. The schools here are great. There are many parks and activities you can enroll your children of all ages. The opportunities for work continue to grow. The neighborhoods are for the most part safe.
It's a small town with a big city feel! Love all the different events happening year round, like true/false and roots and blues.
Columbia is an excellent city to live in. College town keeps the local economy booming. And jobs flowing. It’s not too populated and it isn’t too small. Close to many landmarks. A great place to settle down. Or even thrive for great opportunities.
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There are great education opportunities with several top universities, and there’s always a lot to do downtown. The traffic can be tough sometimes
There are pretty high crime rates, but the public schools are decent. If you want a city that isn't huge but isn't rural like most of Missouri, this city is a good size for you. Downtown is crowded, but you can find a lot of great shops there. College students can be quite reckless, but most are from out of state, so they leave in the summer. Traffic is bad during sports events. There are definitely some bad street and parking lot planning. Public transportation isn't great here, but it is free if you have a student ID. There is a wide variety of restaurants here, and the blue note is a popular music spot. Covid-19 precautions aren't great, but most of that is because of Missouri's governor and college students.
I was born and raised here, the culture is quite good, and generally very accepting and encouraging towards differing ideals, as well as public appreciation of the arts and higher education in general.

There have been some minor snags over the years, but Columbia has demonstrated both a resilience towards issues like these, while also moving forward to improve in areas that have been declared as a public concern.
It's a good place to live, but it is not entertaining. I like to get out and do fun things so that usually means a trip out of town.
Overall, Columbia is a great place to live. Plenty of restaurants, entertainment, parks and trails. It does get crowded when the students are in town and our public works department does a terrible job with the roads.
What I love most about Columbia is the community. I enjoy the mix of students, professors and people unassociated with the university. By having a diverse pool of ages and stages in life, different cultural and social activities are available to everyone. I think the university, it's students, staff, programs and traditions are widely accepted around Columbia because of the mutual respect everyone has for their current home. Columbia is the perfect size city to live in, work in or simply spend time in when passing through the midwest.
Columbia feels like a small town, but it has many of the cultural and social advantages of a city. There are wonderful parks, trails and other opportunities for recreation. The dining opportunities here are fantastic and diverse. Columbia boasts an independent movie theater as well as a documentary film festival which energizes and enlivens the town once a year. The abundant and beautiful plant life and scenery here makes traveling from one location to the next a peaceful experience, whether the mode of transportation is driving, cycling or walking.
what I like about Columbia is that we’re close to home and closer to my cousins and aunties and it’s different .
I would like to see that our community change with racism and all lives don’t matter until black lives matter
Columbia is a good sized city. Not too big and not too small. It has that "small town" feel with all of the amenities! The downtown or the "District" is a fun place to hang out and has a lot of interesting shops and eateries. The Katy Trail is a great resource for exercise and sightseeing. The city is bike friendly, easy to walk and very easy to navigate by vehicle. It's also convenient to hop onto I-70 for a quick day trip to St. Louis or Kansas City!
Columbia, Mo is considered a college town but it is a great place to raise your children or start a family. Housing is pretty affordable and the community support is amazing. The public schools for the most part are good. There is a lot of jobs available mostly factory and hospital jobs. The people are very polite, friendly and easy going. It is hard to meet strangers here people pretty much move here from all around the world. Well I guess it is the MidWest.
Columbia is a great college town and it seems ver safe for families as well. I like the atmosphere and there are many things to do. It doesn't have all of the types of things a large city has, but it is convenient located between 2 large cities. I've lived here for 7 years and I don't regret it at all.
i absolutely love columbia, there is always something fun a
nd exciting to do even with my kids. It is a great place to live i would suggest it to any one.
Columbia is the perfect college town. There are many places that cater to the younger people while also providing great experiences for those who are older. Many festivals and events take place in Columbia, providing a wide arrangement of art to experience.
I have lived in Columbia for over 15 years of my life. I have seen many changes for the better and worst. Columbia is a college town filled with music and entertainment every night! It is expanded every year and is very safe to live in.
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I moved to Columbia 6 years ago and I don't plan on moving anytime soon. It's a great town. While it's primarily centered around the university, I don't think you need to be a college student to love this town. It's affordable, a lot of job opportunities and there's a ton of things to do. The nightlife is okay, but there's parks and trails, it's very dog friendly and it's a pleasant place to live.
Columbia is a great start up place for many people that are figuring out what they like to do. If it comes to where you want to live in what type of home, starting a career, or education then Columbia is for you. The affordability is excellent for food, cost of living, rent, going out, etc. I love the downtown area where it gets lively; however, if that isn't your thing then finding a hole in the wall cafe or eatery like a brewery is wonderful too.
Student at Mizzou. Columbia is where Mizzou is located. Avoid the "student apartments" if you are a future student.
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