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Kinda boring, because it's far from other cities, but fairly self-sustainable. There could be some developments in various fields however is holistically a good town.
Columbia is great! We left our last city due to the discrimination there. Columbia has been very accepting. We feel like people not an oddity.
Columbia only thrives because of the transient money from colleges. As a resident subsidizing constant university growth, higher property taxes, the cost to do anything in columbia is unmarketable unless you are directing the attention towards the students. Columbia has nothing to offer unless you need Schooling, Hospital, Lawyer. LIVED HERE 35yrs wife and I have not been downtown to shop for 20 yrs there is a reason to stay away from the downtown socialistic council. Hell there is not even a hint of Christmas lights or decorations at Christmas. COLUMBIA SUCKS.
On Line College is the Future.
Physical building and Socialites are not a future. Close the colleges and save Zillions.
Bet Columbia doe not even survive after such a future.
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Its hot, rainy, humid sometimes. And everything seems so far without a car i really need a bike or something.
I moved away from Columbia 10 years ago and just recently have moved back. The town has grown so much in that time. I love seeing all the businesses that make this amazing town thrive. I couldn't think of a better town in Missouri to live in.
I love Columbia. It's a college town and their are many places of interest. Such as the Court House, where you can go to watch live trials. Then their are tons of restaurants all over. Their are Activities at the Hollywood Theater that you can do with the whole family from infant to adult. And crime is at a minimum. Overall I think it's wonderful.
Columbia, Missouri is an awesome college town. However, there is almost as much to do for families are there is for the students. There are plenty of great places to eat downtown. If you are into fitness, there are several facilities as well as great trail systems across the city. If you are looking for a combination of city life and small town, Columbia is the perfect place for you.
I love the atmosphere and people here. Feels like I'm still back home in Chicago. the town is so cute
Since the city of Columbia is a college town, its downtown and campus surrounding businesses offer a wide range of interests and opportunities to get involved with. However, as you go farther from the University, the overall quality of life greatly decreases.
Nice city. Living expenses are relatively low and nature here around is awesome. It is good for student life. It is highly safe, even at night you can walk around and police forces are really friendly and caring.
Not to big and not to small, Columbia has a lot to offer with plenty of great local restaurants and breweries as well as being the home of the University of Missouri.
Tons of chain stores and restaurants mixed with classic local favorites, such as Shakespeare's Pizza and Sparky's ice cream, to give the city charm. There are many opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking and kayaking at nearby state parks. Because it is a college town, there are so many apartment communities to choose from.
I love this town. Schools are great and offer great services for the students that are in them. Teachers are fun and interesting. Schedules are great and the experience is wonderful.
Lived her almost my whole life. Not too interesting of a place to me personally, but there are plenty of things to do if you search for them. More and more things keep opening up too. It's more of a college town than anything.
I've been in Columbia for almost 4 years now, and love it! It is always busy, but not busy enough to be aggravating. The night life is fun, and there is always something to do!
I love the college community here in Columbia! The history of the university is amazing and I’ve never had a moment where I felt in danger here. I love the easy commute to any part of Columbia and I feel it has enough to offer for its size and need.
I'm currently a student at the University of Missouri here in Columbia and I love visiting downtown. It's a beautiful place with loads of great shops, restaurants, and other fun stuff.
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I love my local church and Mizzou. I wish the city was bigger and had more activities to do, not just restaurants.
Born and raised here since 1996. It is a college town that had 3 major colleges in it. if you like parks it is a place to be there are over 100 parks placed all over the city and 3 major ones that you can have large events at such as weddings and parties. There are many things to do at night with the many bars including one arcade bar. Also, there are concerts all ht time during the spring all the way to the fall. Music from all genres so that everyone can have a concert to go to that year. Columbia is built off of its university of Missouri athletics programs such as football and basketball
Great town for people in their 20s starting out and young families! Plenty of activities for all ages
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