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I was born and raised in Columbia. It's a small town of around 3,500. Everyone knows everyone and will wave when they see you. It just became wet, as in selling alcohol last year. The only negative aspects are little to do for fun and no jobs. It is also home of a private college by the name of Lindsey Wilson College.
We have small petty crimes, the occasional drug addict stealing a TV but overall I feel safe inside, outside, deep in the woods, you name it and you feel safe because you know most of these people are good, hardworking, honest people who would help you before they would hurt you.
Sometimes it gets a little boring not having a lot to do in such a small town but you can't beat the people who live here. They are generous and kind. It is nice not having traffic bumper to bumper and you can always go to a bigger city just an hour or two away if you want to get out of the country for awhile but you always know you have that bright star, big moon, southern sky waiting on you when you get home.
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This is a smaller town and I like that a lot because everyone is more close knit. Since everyone knows everyone else they're more likely to keep the peace. I would definitely choose to live here if I could do it all over, in comparison to the rest of the country I think where I live now ranks higher than average on the living system. In the future I believe this area will grow more developed.
Summer is hot and humid. Fall is just a bit nippy and beautiful. Winter is freezing and snows a few inches here and there. Spring is perfect, chilly in the mornings and warm in the afternoons, very rainy. The weather really doesn't play any type of roll in my life besides when it rains in the summer and takes away lake days or snow days in the winter and the cancelation of school. We have many tornadoes. The most essential items in my wardrobe are bikinis and shorts, to sweaters and heavy jackets.
We have a Mcdonalds and a local dinner. Favorite dishes include whatever is on the buffet that night at the local dinner along with a slice of chocolate pie for dessert. We live in a dry county and have no bars. To get to any you have to travel about an hour or so away. Variety is AWFUL.
We have no highly congested areas and there really is no such thing as traffic besides on Friday and it's not that bad. Safety for pedestrians/bicyclists are not the best. We have only a few places they are able to really do their best at.
The happiness/friendliness of people in the community are somewhat biased. It all depends on where you come from, who your parents are, and the vehicle and home you live in. The diversity is slim. Most of everyone is the same in this community when it comes to appearance, religion, political affiliation.
Most people that live here have been born and raised and never move away. Why? I don't know. We have pets of any kind. Whether it be dogs or pigs. We have two festivals every year and for the past few years those even seem to be a fail. The engagement of the community is horrible.
The most popular stores around here are Walmart and the local food market called IGA. The variety of options is slim to none. Most of the time, we have to drive to go get things we need unless it's at Walmart. Clothing is always an issue when it gets close to school shopping time.
Being such a small town, crime isn't all too bad. Overall, I have always felt safe and had no reason to think otherwise. Living with overly protected parents has contributed to this. Crimes are always dealing with drugs or theft. For my whole life, the police in this area have never been too good of a team, but the past year of so have really stepped their game up and came together to hopefully decrease the rate in these problems. My only big concern is, it's truly time to really get rid of the drugs around this area so the number of people my age involving their selves in such will decrease.
When it comes to outdoor activities, we are well off. We have lakes and hiking areas (after all, this is what we're known for). We have fields among fields and several parks in the area. They may not be the most up kept and nice, but we do have them. Around certain areas, they keep it as clean as they can.
Nearby workout facilities are Lindsey Wilson College and Xtreme Fitness. These local workout areas have helped out tremendously when it comes to the overall fitness of the people that can afford to pay a monthly payment each month. As a whole, we are not the fittest area. Physical activity is not a priority and frankly, most families and members have other worries such as a job and bills that they're worried about rather than their overall health. Up to middle school we had a cross country team, I ran 6 years. Running became a passion and still is. I ran 3 miles every night, along with sit-ups and crunches.
Overall, anyone and everyone is looking for a job or some kind of stable income to provide the best they can for their families, or simply to make ends meet. The top employers would be farmers and the help they hire to take care of their livestock. The Walmart built a few years back has helped tremendously, but doesn't pay well.
The police have a tendency to always arrive late to the scene of an accident or crime taking place. Fires around here are usually far out, making it hard either way to get to them quickly. Columbia's strong suit would most certainly not consist of having any type of public service, excluding the inmates picking up trash. When it comes to local representatives and such, I feel as if they only care about the title and the money going in their pocket. They don't have a heart for the community and wellbeing of it as a whole.
The housing in the area of Columbia, Kentucky is rather vacant. We have the wealthy, that live in the subdivisions. Then on the other hand, we have the middle to low-class that live far apart in the country. There's so mant vacant lots around, both in town and the country. The cost of living around this area is abnormally cheap along with utilities. The best areas to reside in are The Country Club, and the worst would be known around here as The Pike.
We are known for Green River and Lake Cumberland. The biggest local events are the festivals we hold and holidays such as The Fourth of July, where everyone is out on the lake. The biggest thing that attracts people in the small towns, and easy way of life, and the lakes. We have hardly anything when it comes to tourism and things as such.
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