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Colorado Springs is awesome! Although everything is just a little pricey you can’t beat the sites and community.
I love living in the springs. We just bought our home there and it is becoming the new Denver! The re e is 2 malls close by and everything is close.
Beautiful landscape, medium sized city becoming a large city. Never felt unsafe here, however with the legalization of marijuana there's been a noticeable increase in vagrant's.
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I grew up here since i was the age of five and still continue to love it. I go to Cheyenne Mountain High School and it is rated the number one school in Colorado. There are many places to go hiking and enjoy other outdoor experiences. It is also very close to all the ski resorts in Colorado. It is also very close to Fort Carson and can provide affordable and comfortable lifestyles for any soldiers stationed there.
I have been here since the 90's, and while there are some things that have evolved in those twenty years, it can still be very backward - especially with regard to transportation and commuting. For such a spread out city, public transit is a joke, and though most people have vehicles the standard for driving is quite low. In addition, it is a military and heavily blue town, and civilians are ironically looked down on.
I've lived here for 14 years, and I love this city. It's a big city, with hundreds of thousands of people. There are many great places to go, such as Garden of the Gods, Castlewood Canyon, and Red Rock Canyon. There is are several military installations nearby, such as Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson, and the Air Force Academy, which means there are a lot of military families here. The housing market is, unfortunately, rather expensive, which means it would probably be cheaper to rent rather than buy a house. There are TONS of parks for kids to play at, and just a ton of places to have fun at in general. Plus Denver is only an hour away, so it's super close. I would DEFINITELY recommend Colorado Springs.
I loved the many hiking trails, the mountains, and the many activities within reach of availability but there is also a downside. That downside is the fact that it is very overcrowded with people who have came here to smoke pot, bad drivers, rude people, and the drug issues we have here make it very hard to love it as much as it deserves.
I currently live in Colorado springs and the outdoor activities are excellent! The one thing I would change is the amount of motor vehicle accidents and to make highways bigger to decrease traffic.
I absolutely love living here, everything is very close by. The mountains are not far for hiking, biking and outdoor exploring. Traffic is not nearly as bad as bigger cities. I love downtown Colorado Springs for nightlife, it feels like a very safe place to be for the most part.
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I'm originally from Florida, so coming to Colorado springs was quite the adjustment. Nevertheless I fell in love with the location, people and environment. I highly recommend coming here if you never been here before. You won't regret it.
Growing up in Texas, I was not looking forward to moving here. The snow, the cold weather, the Subarus. The list could go on as to the reasons I never wanted to move here. Colorado Springs is projected to be one of the biggest cities in the state by 2020, and I am more of a small town girl. There are so many different aspects to a community that it makes it difficult to sum up all the wonderful things about the greater Springs area. The north end, where I live, is full of military families, engineers, Air Force Academy Cadets, and high school students. The community comes together like a family, helps to support one another, and is, in general, very caring and honest. The one thing about the Springs that I would change is the industrial building. There are always roadways under construction causing detours, and there are more apartment complexes than schools, restaurants, and parking, for that matter.
Big town with lots to do. There's nothing Colorado Springs doesn't have. The mountains are right next door and the slopes are only a couple hours away.
Overall, Colorado Springs is a very welcoming place with new people coming in constantly due to the multitude of military bases. Everyone is very friendly and I would say most places in the springs are very safe. Downtown Colorado Springs is improving greatly. New restaurants, parks, and events are making it a very hopping place to be and a fun place to take out of town visitors. Also, having the mountains so close to sneak away for a short camping adventure is a huge perk!
Colorado Springs is a growing up and coming city at the base of the rockuy Mountains. Close to winter sports, hiking, fishing and more. Great neighborhoods and schools and churches. Lots to do. Great weather.
The main thing that drew me to Colorado Springs was the people. I have never met so many accepting and social people who help inspire you to live a healthy or happy life. The abundance of indoor and outdoor physical activities as well as the amount of vegetarian/vegan friendly stores and restaurants has really helped me live a healthier lifestyle. Compared to other areas of Colorado such as Boulder or Fort Collins, the Springs is very affordable as well.
This town has the best of all worlds. It has the mountains minutes away. It’s kind of a small big town but only an hour from the big city Denver.
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I absolutely love Colorado Springs. Waking up to the beautiful mountains every morning is a blessing. While living in a beautiful city is great I am extremely thankful that my children are able to go to Colorado Springs district 20 schools. They are rated one of the best and they do keep to that standard.There is also so much to do here. My children and I love to go to the parks, mall, library and there are also many great trails to hike and ride your bike. Personally I love doing the manitou incline. I think it is a great workout as only minutes away from downtown. The other great thing is this town is very military friendly because we have 4 bases throughout Colorado Springs. One downfall to Colorado Springs being so amazing is that many people are coming to live here and it is starting to become a little crowded, but other than that it is amazing and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.
Amazing view every time I walk out the door. Great place for outdoor activity. Very lively. People are super friendly and welcoming
Colorado Springs is a beautiful place to live with plenty to do. It is located at the foothills of The 14,000 foot Pikes Peak Mountain and has panoramic views of the mountain range from anywhere in the city.
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