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The city of Colorado Springs is an amazing place to live! There is an immense amount of outdoor activities stones throw from anywhere in the city. The people are friendly, and job market is strong. The population is booming so the secret is out. One thing I would like to see change are more apprenticeships from companies in the area.
Colorado springs is very beautiful! The views of the mountains are incredible. Pikes Peak is visible almost anywhere you go. The hiking spots in the springs are also very breathtaking. There are so many places to go hiking. Anywhere you go, you are guaranteed a good view. The springs is a great place!
Colorado Springs is a nice, low stress place to live. The prices for living is affordable. There are plenty of nice people. There are plenty of growing commerce around us. This is a military city, but it's nice to live near this much diversity
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Love it here! I drove into town & never left & have never regretted it! There’s soooo much to see & do & explore!
Colorado Springs is a great place to live and work. Fantastic views and the climate is very temperate - never to hot or too cold. When it does snow, it melts quickly due to the high altitude.
I like that most people are friendly and that you can get almost anywhere in town in 30 minutes. There are many beautiful parks and the Black Forest is near by. It has a great zoo and even its own airport. There is very little litter with lots of walking trails and bike trails. I wish that they kept better care of the roads, though.
It is an extremely beautifull area and a great place to live. With the exception of the hail, this place can reck your care over night if you do not have a garage
I was born here, and it has become crowded with people looking for marijuana. It's sad that our culture has turned in such a hedonistic direction.
I love living in Colorado Springs, it's a very friendly city with more of a small town feel. Everything I need is there, and Denver is close by for things like larger sporting events or shows. Colorado is amazing.
Colorado Springs is a large town with a small town feel. Lots of fun, free outside activities for everyone to enjoy.
I have enjoyed living in Colorado Springs. I enjoy being able to travel anywhere in the city and seeing the mountains. There are plenty of trails to walk, and sceneries to enjoy.
This is a horrible place filled with useless people. There are more sex offenders here then anywhere in the U.S. The living cost is way out of paportation and the crime is redikulas. There are homeless on every corner and this is a sanctuary city for illegals. They say its one of the best places to live but that data is completely based on the opinion of people who want to make more money.. The Colorado Springs motto should be ignore the actual issues and stare at the pretty mountain. I don't care why all these ignorant people like this disgusting place but my family and myself will be leaving as soon as possible.
There are great options for higher education here. Public transportation is adequate. So many outdoor activities within a short drive, and right here in town.
Overall my experience in Colorado Springs has been positive. I absolutely love the amount of nature and hiking trails I have access too, especially being so close to Garden of the Gods. I would like to see more diversity and less trash by the rivers.
I am in the military, and Colorado is definitely a military friendly time. Everything is relatively close and there are a large variety of public schools. The choices are endless so you can be sure to give your child the best education possible and being a prior teacher myself for high school, I believe that education is essential to the future of our youth.
Colorado Springs is beautiful. The mountains are there wherever you are in the city. The locals are healthy and active and there is everything available that you could need.
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I enjoy Colorado Springs very much. The north end is deefinitely a nicer place to be around. There are exceptional resources for natural and organic living.
Lots to do - if you like being outdoors. There are museums, concerts, etc, and Denver isn't far away, but the city is geared towards those who find a home in being outside.
I live on the east side of the city off 24/94. The inner city and the west side of town are full of homeless people which can be frustrating at times, but the area that i'm in is very up and coming with plenty of well reviewed stores. The cost of living is a bit higher than where I lived previously, Texas, so without having a decently paying job it's going to be difficult to afford a nicer area of town. The Public school systems are average. One of the up sides of the area is that the brewing in Colorado Springs is a huge. If you enjoy trying a wide variety of beer this is the right area.
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