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Colorado Springs is an amazing town, but having grown up here I am biased. Traffic has gotten much worse with the inflow of new residents, considering we are predicted to overtake the size of Denver in the next few years, this is unsurprising. Crime rates have also gone up, though still not being nearly as bad as some much larger cities only hours from here. Additionally, the drug problems and homeless populations have also increased with these people and activities moving towards the center of town and even into school district neighborhoods. It really is a great place, but it's not the great town I grew up in.
I am a native of Colorado Springs. Born 1965 back when there was a lot of field area. When running away from home took to long and you went back home by 2pm after leaving at noon. I attended several schools between district 11 & district 20 & we have great schooling systems. We were a small military town where we have felt safe to walk the streets. We have beautiful mountains and parks. We are a melting pot with a diverse gathering of people. It is a great place to raise children as I have raised 6 of my own and they are now raising their own. I have always been able to find a job and make a good living. I believe it is the best place to live in the United States. The weather is great in all seasons yet unpredictable at times. Over all this is truly a great place to visit, live and create a comfortable life for yourself and family.
Sheryl R. Ikener
The landscape and mountains are amazing. People value physical activity, getting outside, and living in community. Feels like a small town even though it's a rapidly growing city.
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Colorado is family and military friendly as well as packed with hardworking people and plenty of colleges.
I would like the crime level to stop rising. It didn't used to be this busy or have this level of drug use.
Very beautiful area and very quiet, depending on where the person is living. I don't have any kids so I can not give you an opinion. When I go out the malls that are here I see so many job openings that I am surprised. So many sites to see like the zoo or Cave of the Winds. Looking for a nice place to take your love on a date try Prime 25 or Rabbit Hole, very nice places to sit and relax; the food is absolutely amazing. There is also the view of the mountains that will take your breathe away.
The mountains are absolutely beautiful. Colorado Springs is very diverse and full of culture. It is an outdoor lovers dream, trails, fishing, hiking, it has so much to offer.
Colorado spring has great people a very good school system and overall great atmosphere. Moving here is not only a great place to raise kids but also a wonderful place to start a family. Renting a house here is pretty affordable and people are always have places. It is safe here. Clean, quiet, and people are friendly. The schools in TC are pretty well rated. This neighborhood is very convenient. Grocery stores, pharmacy, library, and mall are all near me (the north- side of the city). Overall you should come here
The weather in Colorado is amazing. It does get cold at times, but a day later, it could be 75 degrees. There are many days with breezes, and sometimes it can get very windy! The saying is, never leave your house without a coat! With the Palmer Divide to the North, the Cheyenne Mountains to the South, and the Rocky Mountains to the West, Colorado Springs is cocooned in the middle causing the weather to be more unique than any other city. There is plenty to do outdoors also, hiking, camping, biking, as well as Territory Days in the summer, concerts at First and Main, the Cheyenne zoo, and many other activities.
I have lived here my whole life, the city is extremely conservative and there is little to no opportunity for any success in a creative field. There’s also little to do here besides hiking or the one street of downtown where people tend to go bar hopping.
very quaint retirement community. growing every day. military town. home of the mountain zoo and norad
I love the scenery, the wildlife roaming the city & the overall welcoming feeling by residents here.

There is a homelessness problem here. They homeless people will come right up to you and ask for money. Resources for the homeless should be harder to obtain. And the homeless should perform community service to obtain free resources. Right now it's too easy. So more homeless arrive daily.
Overall great experience! Not very diverse, but most people are very open-minded and considerate. Healthy lifestyle is emphasized with all the hiking trails and outdoor activities. A good place to have a dog and meet dogs. Since Colorado Springs is located in high altitude, it's closer to the sun, which requires sunscreen! I easily get burned, and have to take greater precautions on a daily basis.
I moved here to the Springs in July of last year. Since I've been here, I have enjoyed my time. The weather is beautiful. The only thing I have to say is I would love to see rent prices stop increasing. Other than at, I love everything about this city.
I love the springs Great people, Wounderful recreation activities, super clean air. I couldn't think of a much better place to live. It's a bit pricey but we'll worth it!
Beautiful mountains, nice people, and great outdoor activities! Jobs pay average, cost of living is outrageous.
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Colorado Springs is a growing military City. Widespread and so many things in each little neighborhood and area to do.
This is a great place to live if you have a family! The parks and rec system is huge and you can expect to find a park in every neighborhood. The mountains are beautiful and many of the activities are free. If you love the outdoors then this is the perfect place for you to live.
I spent all of middle school and high school in this city, and I moved back after college because I love it so much. It is a beautiful place to live. There are so many places to go hiking and camping that make you feel like you're farther away from the city than you actually are. Otherwise, it's just a great environment for anyone to live in.
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