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In the area of where I live in colonial park its very quit and safe. We have lots of nearby shopping malls ,dining, in and out stores. WE are in the central location for everything. Don't have to travel far for anything, very convenient and I love it :)
When in need for the police they are good when it's an emergency but when it's not they take their time. They're always out making sure traffic is handled and no one is breaking the rules.
I love the atmosphere because it's quiet and the nature is very beautiful. I would live here for a long period of time but because of jobs it would be hard to live here if you don't have a degree in college. I hope in the future there is more high paying jobs.
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Police is very responsive sometimes too jumpy.
I wouldnt live there for longer than 5 years.
The cops are out all the time. we live close to the police station it is a very safe area
The area I live in is fine there have a been a lot of recent changes in neighbors. it is fairly quiet and close to everything yet far enough away to not be loud
There is nothing to do, the neighbors never talk to each other. cannot do a thing if you do not own a car
Local law enforcement isn't bad. There is too much corruption or over reach. The one public service that could definitely be approved upon is public transportation.
Living in the valley, we don't deal with too many tornadoes but there is frequent flooding due to the Susquehanna river.
Employement in the area is okay I suppose. There are a lot of places hiring part time but It can be hard to find a full time job.
Lots of restaurants to choose from. Many local and chain options.
Local business in the area aren't too bad. There are new ones popping up everyday though.
We experience all four season, very few natural disasters and when they occur they are usually mild
There are alot of deer, decent amount of woods and greenery but often new houses and building are erected upon wildlife areas.
I think there's a fair job being done with public service. Public transportation could be a lot better though.
I live at home with my parents but I feel as if though housing is pretty cheap and easy to find.
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Traffic is not usually bad, lots of potholes however. There usually is construction but its nice to see the tax dollars go somewhere.
Some people are nice, some are not. Pretty standard
Never really feel unsafe. I live in the suburbs, so I feel a sense of security. Downtown Harrisburg is not too fun at night, but I don't feel especially unsafe
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