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Its changed a lot from what it used to be and it's over crowded. Very different from the past. Highest taxed in all Woodbridge Township, was told its supposed to be the best, but its not.
Colonia is a nice place to live. Lots of nice people and places to visit. However taxes are higher than normal.
I moved to Colonia in 2010 and I really like it here. I loved my elementary school, Middle school and my HS as well. I wouldn't move anywhere else
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Colonia is very safe, great schools, small town, quite, peaceful but Expensive to leave here. Small stores, We are surrounded by Woodbride Edison, Clark, and Rahway. Train station is 7 min away driving, The Woodbridge mall is 15 min away.
I notice that people tend to love this town. People that live here often have lived here their whole life. Real estate is expensive, and taxes are high but if you want a safe town with good schools then it is a good fit for you.
Colonia is a very small town with a lot of fun activities. I would like to see more stores or restaurants that are local.
Has a small town feel as if it’s 1950s. Quiet, friendly people. Great place to raise a family. You’ll run into a neighbor in the supermarket. There is only one bar and it is at the Chinese restaurant.
Colonia is a very safe, quiet and peaceful town located in Woodbridge NJ, you will enjoy the local parks, sports centers, restaurant selection and close to shopping center, the only thing that would turn you away from Colonia is certain homes are too close together.
Colonia is part of Woodbridge Township and part of Middlesex County.
It is located close to public transportation and is within an hour of New York City.
Nice small town. Literally nothing to do here in regards to nightlife. No bars that i know of not even any big supermarkets. Schools are average therefore i went to private high school. Poor areas as well as multi million dollar mansions.
The education system here is great. The locations of many of the stores is also convenient. We live in a safe neighborhood as well.
good community strong place to find jobs everyone is friendly quiet little town no crime no drugs. Dont have to worry about traveling nice area
Colonia, NJ is a close knit town of many generations staying close to the area. There is also a very high Indian population that has increased dramatically over the last 10 years. Everyone gets along well and always eager to help each other out. The dedicated people in our government helps our overall success as a wonderful town.
I like Colonia because it is a nice area. Not much crime, there are always things to do, and the homes are decent. The only improvement I would want is for more places to be built for young people to be social.
My town does not contain much crime, the residency is for the most part well behaved,
The area I live in being Colonia, NJ is overall a well maintained area. The townships keeps the streets and area in great condition whether it being the roads being paved to the education system being in tact.
Very cold in the winter
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Overall nice properties, some are not kept up......lots for sale
overall nice people, sometimes outsiders disrupt events
Again, nothing too bad but it's just a normal town police force and they do their best.
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