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I don't like that the historic downtown is constantly being sought after by low income housing developers. There is no space to build and the space that is available would cause terrible traffic in the downtown especially as there are so few lanes on 12 as it is. The historic parts of Coldwater are great. The new facilities around Heritage Park are wonderful.
It's small, and not a lot of crime. Just not what I would consider a great place to live. There is quite a bit of drugs, poverty and overall a run down feel to the town itself, in many areas. Not a great school district, but an okay one.
Coldwater is a great in the summer due to the lake life. Being in the country and having the lakes is an amazing experience. Everyone comes from all over to come be at the lake. It is amazing. During the winter it is a little quieter with a little less to do.
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Coldwater, MI is the average small town community. They have a nice farmer's market downtown in the summer and spring and hold festivals throughout the winter to help keep the community involved with one another. Although, Coldwater would be better if they had more of a nightlife. Coldwater is home to a lot of college students and there is nothing to do past 10 o'clock.
It is such a great town. I’m very proud that I have been able to grow up here. It’s really family friendly. Also you can be able to just walk down the road to your friends house. That is just a couple blocks away. Coldwater makes you feel like your at home. Even when your home is so for away
Small town, great for raising a family. Country living with a lot of nature. Low crime rates, and sense of security.
I love that Coldwater has a lot of nature and parks for families to enjoy. There is a community center go carts, arcade, drive in movie as well Its great that kids have things to do to stay busy. I would like to see more diversity in Coldwater maybe a Buddhist or Pagan community program.
Though this is a small town, it is a fantastic family place. There are great locally owned restaurants and the highway is close enough by you can hop on and travel anywhere for any of your needs!
We have county, city and state police in this area. Yes we have crime but it's not a major concern.
Not a lot of things to do. A lot of fast food restaurants and not chain restaurants. A great place to grow up. Great neighborhoods and schools. A very agricultural area.
It's basic Michigan weather. 75 and sunny one day, 40 and snowing the next
Most of the restaurants here are fast food burger restaurants, which get tiring after the first couple of times. There's not very many bars in the area.
The job outlook for the area isn't all that great, there isn't very many opportunities for advancement. There's mostly only jobs in factories, restaurants, retail stores, and basic careers, like a teacher or nurse.
It's a great place to live; you're a short distance from stores, movies, restaurants, and parks.
The police department, fire department, and hospital are all located near each other in the center of town, so they can reach almost any part of town in the same time.
There are many commercially owned businesses as well as several private-owned businesses within the area and both offer a lot of variety for products you'd need or want
There aren't very many positions open. The only places hiring are fast food restaurants and factories.
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Local businesses are okay for what Coldwater has. It does however lack retail stores and takes about an hour to get anywhere with decent stores.
It might be hard to open up a business but there are plenty around
A bad winter does affect the way of life.
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