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A small town full of very similar people that is not very diverse. I did enjoy growing up and living in this town and I enjoy going home to visit. It has fun events and a nice small town vibe. It’s also a safe town where not a lot happens that would make people uncomfortable.
It is an "expect the unexpected" type of town. We have the fourth largest granite company in the US however a town with roughly 5,000 people. The neighbors are either extremely nice and funny or choose to be nonexistent. It is a town where everybody knows everybody.
Cold Spring is a small and very friendly town. It is a very family oriented area, with good morals and great people. The town is very welcoming and has a lot to offer to families.
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Cold Spring needs to grow. There is a lack of retail and you will often find yourself driving to St. Cloud for shopping. Also needs better infastructure as rural parts of town do not get high speed internet.
Cold Spring is a nice small town with a school district and very nice tight knit community. There are a few good restaurants in town with other small businesses in and around the surrounding area. The town is also a baseball town with a very good ballpark and team giving you something to go to on those nice warm summer nights.
It is a good place to grow up. It is a relatively safe town and has a decent amount of things to do. It seems a little small at times, but other than that it's great.
Cold Spring is a nice, small town. It has plenty of restaurants, grocery stores, various religious churches, and various resources, and is the central of the 3-town middle/high school Rocori. Cold Spring does not thrive on diversity, and needs a bit of a change in safety.
I had grown up in the kind of small town known as cold spring. There is a few large business here like Golden Plump and the Cold Spring Granite. The high school is not so bad they have won a few state championships in a few different sports. There have been a few incidents that may leave a person a bit leery on wanting to come here. Those incidents involve the police department and one of their own getting murdered and then a couple of the cops quit their jobs out of the blue and moved far away.
I live near a world wide known granite company that have provided many jobs to people in my community. They treat their employers well with good benefits. There are a lot of construction companies that keep employees busy throughout the year.
I live in a small town which has a nice grocery store that is expensive but convenient. I live close to a large town that has a nice mall for retail stores. There is quite a variety of restaurants that are all competitively priced.
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