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Safe town but too far from shopping. You can’t even buy a pair of shoes close by. 1 supermarket. 1 movie theater.... NO nightlife and limited restaurants. You’d better like pizza or Chinese food to live in Colchester !!
Colchester is a close knit town that offers a great school system! the town is just big enough and has plenty of food places and hiking spots
I like colchester it is a small town. however, it could use more variety of restaurants, stores, and supermarkets. There have also been a lot of car break ins recently
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There isn't much to do in this town, but people are friendly and it is safe. Its a good place to raise a family and affordable.
Relatively small town but very family friendly, since it is small it is very easy to make friends and see people you know around town often. However, there are a lot of traffic lights so commute time takes a little longer.
Eating establishments in town consists mostly of pizza places. Good public schools, with private schools in close surrounding towns. For students commuting to the local community colleges there is absolutely no night life. Most of the stop signs start to blink yellow at 10 pm. The same with restaurants, there are no 24 hour restaurants and there are no restaurants that deliver. Colchester is good if you want a small town with a semi-quick 30 minute commute to Hartford.
Colchester has a very small town feel. There is a good sense of community and it was a great place to grow up.
Just moved to Colchester this past spring. It has a lot of outdoor areas to explore, such as the Airline Trail and Salmon River Trail. People seem very nice and it's conveniently located.
I liked Colchester because of the outdoor atmosphere. It's a great place to get in touch with yourself. Hiking trails, biking trails, trail riding, and fishing are all accesible. I do wish that there were more social events in the area. The theater needs renovations and there has never been many options when it comes to food. Diversity would do this town well.
Colchester is a good balance between a suburban town having some privacy and good yard space, but is also very convenient to restaurants, gas stations, a Stop & Shop, movie theater etc. It is also easy on/easy off to route 2, and is only about 30 min from hartford and the casinos. It also has a family/connected feel, and the town does a lot on the green for the community. I haven't lived here long- but I love it so far.
Small town with a family orientated atmosphere. This is place of tradition and history. The town is very safe and people are always friendly.
I grew up in Colchester and enjoyed everything the town has to offer. The town is small with about 200 kids per grade level and has it's own public schools. The main highway runs through town and it is easy to get to Hartford. It is a great town to grow up in and the community is very helpful and encouraging.
Colchester is a small and very lovely town to grow up in. It is a great place for walking on trails and fishing down at the Salmon River. I enjoyed my summers out in nature at Devils Hopyard where there is a beautiful waterfall. I always felt safe living in Colchester and everyone seems to know each other in town. If you have kids this is a great place to raise a family.
I loved growing up in Colchester. It is a tight nit community with lots of activities and ways to get involved. It is also clean and easy to get around.
Very safe area to live in. There is some crime in the community once in a while but for the most part it is safe.
This is a very small and a safe community to live in. I would choose to live here my whole life.
Atmosphere is relaxed, but hard-working. The area is missing competitive businesses, like a Walmart and more than 1 grocery store. Gas is more expensive than surrounding towns. The city is large in area. It is up and coming. There is a lot of land to build on and only a matter of time until it builds up.
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It is a good, quiet area- sometimes too quiet
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