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Very small town. There are not many things here, but if you like small simple life then it is perfect. The schools are great and only a ten minute drive to a larger town
It is a quiet borough that is family friendly. It is the kind of town where people live there but only a handful work there.
There is not much to do in the town itself but it is roughly a half hour away from other towns in most every direction.
The schools are alright but small; the middle school and high school are combined, the current number of students is less than 500.
If you are looking for a small town experience and a safe place to raise your children this is the place. Just have somewhere fun to go on the weekends.
The elementary and secondary school strive to meet all students needs. Sports are taken very seriously. Small town atmosphere and friendly.
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This is a lovely rural farming community. The people are very pleasant and helpful. It's a wonderful place to live.
It's a very small town with many friendly people, but not a lot of variety in activities or the people you meet. It feels safe, but sometimes it can be hard to find something to do without leaving town for the day.
I love my small town! Everyone is always looking out for someone. People here are always so nice and friendly they will stop and talk to you for hours on the streets.
I enjoyed attending high school in Cochranton. Their education programs are great. I would like to see the drug abuse epidemic change, though.
Cochranton is a really small town with one red light. everyone knows you and rumors fly. it is basically farm lands. they have a grade school for grades k-6 and a high school for grades 6-12. there are a couple of lakes in the area so fishing is done a lot in the summer. almost everyone hunts. there are two gas stations in town, a pizza place and a dollar general. the people there are overall nice and friendly. since it is mostly farm land if you not live in town your neighbors are pretty far away. if you are broke down on the side of the road someone will stop and help.
Most people in our area just to to Meadville for what they need instead of shopping local so there is no need for many people to hire.
Everything is very small and not very many people go local any more. Most just drive to Meadville.
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