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When I first moved here everyone was pretty friendly. We have been invited to a few cook outs.
The island is pretty safe. I have lived here for little bit over a year, but there has not been any problems.
The housing in the area that I live is okay. The houses a different on the island. Some people have larger houses than other.
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We do not really have bad weather in this area. There was that one year that there was so much snow that people could not come out of their houses for about two weeks.
There are restaurants located everywhere in the area the I live in. There are different restaurants like Applebees, Olive garden, Red lobster and much more.
I have had one job and that was provided by the college I was attending. I also, have the opportunity to substitute at a local school.
I live on an Island in Southern Maryland. There are a few restaurants on the island and a family owned ice cream shop. There is also a very small grocery store, but you cannot get much from there. In order for my family to do real shopping we have to drive a good 30-35 minutes to get to a good grocery store and mall.
At night time it takes our fire department 45 minutes to get their ambulance and fire trucks out to the call and its five minutes away from everything. It takes police 45 minutes to an hour to get to us because they are stationed in La Plata there's usually no one close by to grab the call. Also a lot of citizens don't drive and the county took away our bus services so more people are walking on the main highway all hours of the night just to get to where they are going and risk being hit. Other than those three things i think the citizens in my area all pull together to make it a great neighborhood most of all. Sometimes we might get people that don't do much outside of their house but for the most part we all get along and help each other out
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