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One thing about Coatesville, Pa is that everyone is family! Everyone is connected and the support is there for someone trying to make a change. I would love to see everyone take care of our city a little more so we can grow.
Coatesville is a very tight-knit community that prides itself on diversity, and also provides a sense of belonging to each member.
Coatesville is filled with pride. The community is very active in supporting the highschool in football games and events. There are many events and traditions such as the strawberry festival and the senior parade.
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I moved here about two years ago from Indiana. To be honest, it was quite an adjustment change for me. I used to live in a nice populous town, where everyone knew almost everyone. Coatesville isn’t terrible, but needs to make some changes to improve and clean the environment.
I think there should be more for the young aged children and teens to do to keep out of trouble and help with their future plans.
Diversity and unity are the two main words that come to mind. Being apart of this city makes everyone family. The resources and assistance are easily accessible and beneficial to supporting the community to become the best they can be. The history in this city is also very rich and interesting. Coatesville is like its own little melting pot, blending all races and ethnicities together to become one.
I grew up in Coatesville and had a great time until recently. The violence had escalated everywhere even in the schools. There were alot of issues with gang wars. There are amazing people in this city but it is overrun by some bad ones. There are many new constructions goin on to offer job oppertunires and hopefully it will do a 180 and start to look on the better side again.
I have lived in the City of Coatesville for almost 16 years and there are changes being made to the city that will make it a place to hang out and enjoy again.
Coatesville is the city where I have gone to school for 13 years and has given me so many opportunities to do so many different things. The diversity of the people is definitely the strength of the city and it's a melting pot for different cultures and ideals. Overall, despite many of its shortcomings, growing up going to school here has been a great experience and I believe that is has put me in a great spot to continue my education in the future and my life as well.
My experience with Coatesville is great! I would recommend people to visit this town because the residents of Coatesville are nice and friendly. There are also many historical sites, restaurants, and places of entertainment that would make Coatesville a town worth visiting.
Within Coatesville, it is full of diversity; I like the schools and the community. I have done community service my community, I have repainted the globe with my unit and we have moved books from the library to the strawberry festival. A while ago we helped in the garden by picking weeds and a lot of other stuff too. The community has many events that I partake in; every year there is a Christmas parade and I have done many color guards for the events in the community. I have lived here my entire life so far and I have learned a lot about my school and community.
What I love about Coatesville is, first of all, it’s history. It was a bustling town with steel mills and a railroad and a downtown shopping district. Also, I love the fact that there are a lot of natives that grew up here and raised their families here, so many people know each other and have a connection if some type.

What I would like to see improve about Coatesville is that area in midtown that used to be a bustling shopping area. It’s a shame to see that so many businesses are closed and some even neglected. They are trying to rebuild it and I’m hoping it’s a success.
Coatesville has a lot of history and Lukens Steel mill which is very big in this suburban town. They have a nice coffee shop in town that is great if you like java. They have a nice reviltalization going on to help the town have more jobs it is not very much work in this area.
Coatesville is an extremely diverse city with a beautiful community. It is a place that I will always consider my home. However, it also contains some slight defects. If I could change Coatesville I would add more job opportunities with better pay in order to help families financially and to make Coatesville a strong community economically. Coatesville has a very friendly ambience during the day, but at night it becomes a lot more dangerous. If I could change this I would add a law enforcement system with better judgement and increased safety protocols. Coatesville will forever be my home, but it still contains branches it can improve upon.
The familiarity, the trees. The small streets... Love of going home after big shopping of the city. The summers and beaches near by. The sports team spirit and the young talented kids who miss out on opportunities due to no money.
Diversity is the best part about coatesville. Crime is a lot worse here. I grew up here and it has changed alot
Crime and drugs bad in this area. It isn't a safe place to walk around after dark in some areas. They are attempting to revitalize the area with a little success.
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Coatesville Pa is a place where you do your best in school to get out of this city. Coatesville is full of drugs, guns and violence. The past couple of months we have had the news come out and talk to the kids that were protesting against the school for racism.
Overall the cost of living in Coatesville is cheap, however the upkeep of the neighborhoods is not good. It is not very quiet there either. I like the distance it is from stores and Philadelphia. I feel like I am pretty close to most things. There is no real night life. I have no children in school there.
Coatesville is a diverse community, and has a diverse population in the public school system. Being bi racial, this is a good thing to me. Coatesville has a small town feel with a downtown area as well as farmland. There is something for everyone!
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