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This little town is the perfect mix between small town America and suburbia. The majority of the residents in Coal Valley are employed by the bigger name companies: John Deere and Cobham. They all live in various subdivisions on top of the hill. The outlying houses are either farmers, work for small businesses or various nonprofits in the Quad City area.
The elementary school (k-6) feeds into the Moline School District with the 7-8 students go to John Deere Middle School and then Moline High School for 9-12.
It's a pretty okay town. The schools are pretty good. The safety is pretty good. It's nice to be close to the quad cities without being in the quad cities.
Living in Coal Valley, I've not experienced any crime or evidence of such, and the police visibility make me feel safe enough that I can walk about at night without worry.
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Living in Coal Valley, I'm part of a friendly, peaceful community with breathtaking scenery, I'm happy to call it home, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else, if I had the choice. I'm not so familiar with the rest of the country, but I'd like to think Coal Valley ranks pretty high in comparison.
One of the biggest attractions in the Quad Cities is John Deere. You are able to look at the headquarters building and visit the John Deere Commons, which has many tractors and other John Deere products out for families and tourists to view and climb on. We also host the John Deere Classic golf tournament every summer. The Mississippi Valley Fair is also a big hit in the summer.
Most teens and college-age students complain about the Quad Cities because they think it is such a small and boring area, but once they are grown up, they realize that it is a great place to find a long-lasting job and raise a family. The area definitely has a family feel, with very few younger people sticking around after graduating high school.
We have many chain restaurants, such as Applebee's, McDonald's, Olive Garden, and Texas Road House. We don't have too many locally owned small restaurants or cafes, but you are likely to find a few in downtown Moline.
Coal Valley has many new homes, which are all very nice but have a suburb-like feel with very little variety in the houses. Other areas of Coal Valley are made up of older homes, but many owners remodel their homes and keep the up very nicely. Since Coal Valley is a small town just outside the Quad Cities, it is a very safe place to live compared to some other parts of the QC.
Many people choose to stay within the area based on their jobs. Most areas are very family friendly and are very close to parks, schools, and other fun things to do, like bowling. There are also many events that come to the area, such as Race for the Cure and the John Deere Classic.
There are many gyms in the area, and it is very easy to find one close to you for a decent price. There are very few outdoor facilities, but it is very common to see people running or biking outside when the weather is nice.
There are many parks in the area, from playgrounds to the Black Hawk State Park, which has hiking trails. We are also located along the Mississippi and Rock River, which means that walking along the river and boating/jet skiing is very accessible.
Many people have their own cars, which means that parking is very good in most areas. Some people ride the bus, but it is hard for people to walk on busy road or get to places that are spread across the city.
There are many job opportunities in the Quad Cities Area. Many people work for John Deere or the Rock Island Arsenal.
The Quad Cities area offers a wide array of restaurants and bars from fast food such as Hardee's and McDonalds and pizza places to a step up to steak and seafood cuisine. There are also several buffets that are excellent places to grab a bite to eat. The prices are reasonable at all of those that I have tried thus far since moving here. My son was actually employed by a great restaurant when we first moved here and it earned him the experience of moving on to being a restaurant manager!

We also have some great local restaurants that we frequent offered right here in Coal Valley. The nightlife is also varied from local bands that perform to bars that invite bands from other towns to come to this area and entertain. There is always something to do in the Quad Cities area!
I feel very safe living in this area. There seems to be the appropriate number of law enforcement officers available to the area and I have personal experience when having a fire in my house last year. The fire fighters of Coal Valley were at my house in a matter of minutes and stayed until everything was put out and under control.
Compared to the small towns that I have lived in in previous years, the Quad Cities area has so much to offer whether you are 5 or 55! The schools consists of caring teachers, knowlegeable in what they do, and there are various large companies such as John Deere that offer a wide array of job opportunities. There is also a great selection of colleges to choose from in the Quad Cities area. I have first hand experience with this since both my kids are currently in college!
Health and fitness in the Quad Cities area is easily accessible to any and all families. There are several clubs, locally and just a few miles from where I reside! They are very clean, friendly owners and I have made new friends by using them!
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From my experience since moving here, those I have met are the friendliest and kindest people I could have asked for. My neighbors were more than willing to give me a helping hand when moving into an unfamiliar area. The Quad Cities people are friendly, courteous, and their generosity is overwhelming!
Housing in this area offers a wide array of well built, well suited homes for individuals to choose their likes accordingly. Certain areas of the Quad Cities offer older homes that are well built but may need some cosmetic fixes while there are other areas that are under new construction including condominions well suited for those retiring from the employment force.
The Quad Cities area offers a wide selection of transportation possibilities when traveling to other cities and states. There is a wide array of interstates that intertwine and will get one to Chicago (east Illinois) or to St. Louis or Peoria area (southern Illinois) or Interstates that cross over into Iowa for more opportunities.
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