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There are a lot of bars in this town which lead to the town being full of people who are drunk most of the day. We do have a lot movies and tv shows that were shot here like Daddy's Home 2 and Castle Rock which is pretty cool.
Clinton is a town in Central Massachusetts. It borders Boylston, Lancaster, Bolton, Berlin and Sterling but all of those towns are a lot nicer than Clinton. As a result, most of the areas on the outskirts of Clinton are nice. However, the center of town is very ugly and run-down looking. It’s kind of like a bad town surrounded by nice towns. They have decent schools and a very low crime rate but I suspect that they have a fairly high amount of crime but no one reports it. It just doesn’t look like that safe of a place. They do have some nice houses but a lot of the houses and buildings here are run down looking and there are shady people and shady vans in this town.
Clinton is a quiet town, with a beautiful downtown area with plenty to do and see including coffee shops, a nice town park, restaurants, and a juice bar. Recently the town has been putting a lot of effort into making more sidewalks and paving the streets.
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My time has a high spirit for unity. They have a facebook page where people ask for help from moving to food and people help all the time. Everyone will say hello to anyone. During the pandemic our pantry stayed open and distributed food to anyone! I am very happy I moved away from the big city where no one knew my name to this town where everyone is a friend.
Safe, for the most part, has gotten extremely busy over the years. Good restaurants and good people in the town.
Clinton is a small town where it seems everyone helps everyone when there is a need. They also have many activities for the kids to ensure they stay out of trouble.
The one thing that Clinton can improve upon is repaving the roads, there are alot of roads in need of paving.
Clinton is a small town where people look out for each other. The schools system varies depending on what level you attend. There is full time public safety. Town's center piece is the Wachusett Dam. It's a beautiful area for walking and picnics.
Love this town - I do wish there was a bit more to do. The town does do a great job creating tow-wide events, things for the kids to do. Can't beat the commute when you can't afford to move more east to get to Boston.
I lived in Clinton my entire life prior to moving to Manhattan to attend college. Clinton is a great small town with kind people and a surprising amount of opportunity. People are willing to help each other and do what they can to support the community.
Its a small town but a safe one. Anything that you could possibly need is within 5-10 minutes. We have two grocery stores, fast food, ice cream, drug stores, etc. If you are looking to go to a bar... We have plenty! Also, anything outside of the normal day to day activities are also just a short 15-20 minute drive away. It is a nice small town that is super safe and relatively clean.
My family has lived here four years and still feel we are treated as outsiders. This is a republican, blue collar, close knife community, almost too close; and if you did not grow up in this town, you often get dirty looks at local restaurants and community gatherings despite being friendly and saying hello. Some neighborhoods are nice, but a lot of people care more about their vehicles than their houses which can be frustrating as a home owner. Roads and sidewalks are not treated/plowed that well in the winter. It took years for a main road (Water St.) to be re-paved and half the time you cannot access the sidewalks as trucks are parked blocking the way. Positives: most parks are well maintained, the dam is a nice and overall, a safe place to walk. I wish the long time residents were more accepting of people who are new to town and I also wish that the infrastructure and roads were better kept.
Clinton is a great small town. Lots of families that have lived here a long time. I have been here all my life and have great friends.
I just moved into my first apartment in this town. I love the nature surrounding the area, and the locals seem very nice. I also enjoy the variety of stores within a short distance and look forward to settling in in this new area.
I like the supportive community. People come together in time if need and parents care about other kids. The people out a lot of their time into sports and bettering fields for kids. I am fifth generation to live in Clinton, MA and I love it!
Great place to live, great central location to commute, awesome food, amazing people, a great sense of community. I know a lot of people want to get out of their small towns but this is one I'll stay in forever if I can.
It's a very urban town for the area (surrounding towns are all very farm-oriented, while Clinton is almost strictly urban). It has some decent restaurants (though it could use a fast-food restaurant upgrade from McDonalds). There's some cool places in town like One-Stop Shop (though I wish they had a larger space). Overall Clinton is very nice, and it's less than a 30 minute driving commute to Worcester if you need anything there.
Friendly people, supportive community. Clinton has that small town feel with great accessibility to the larger cities. It's a growing family friendly town with a great recreational department.
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I grew up in Clinton and lived there for 22 years of my life. I believe that due to growing up in such a small town such as Clinton instilled in me the drive to travel to different areas in the world and learn about different cultures. I had to endure the pressures of a small minded society because I looked different from most of the individuals in my town and my peers. Ultimately, during my upbringing what shaped me was the strong values from the positive individuals surrounding me. Therefore, what I would like to see improve about Clinton is more individuals that are open minded and willing to accept differences in others because I was not given that benefit and I would like to see that for generations to come.
Clinton is a small town where everyone knows everyone. We are close to each other. We have The oldest baseball diamond in the United States. A misconception is that we have the most bars per square mile. Well there are a lot of bars here but not the most per square mile. Overall Clinton is a nice town to live in. I grew up here and wouldn't have it any other way.
Love the Schools, excellent teachers and guidance counselors. I was a student at Clinton from 2nd grade up to 12th grade. My children all attended Clinton Public Schools and all three did very well, thanks to the excellent teachers and guidance counselors. They built a new modern Elementary School.
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