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Only 15 mins minutes MGM National Harbor; and just 30 minutes to downtown DC. Quite DC suburbs but still vibrant with plenty of great restaurants and shopping.
my experience here was decent considering i’ve lived in this area for over 15 years now but i will say that a change i would like to see is to make things more affordable such as gas and groceries
I believe Clinton is a great place to live no matter your age. Clinton is located approximately 15-20 mins from D.C. and Virginia. Located just out of the city, Clinton is the suburb with many attractions near by. There are many schools, restaurants, and grocery stores in the area. Anything you need is right there! Clinton is also close to Andrews Air Force Base so you may hear a lot of airplanes flying throughout the day. We also have multiple parks, religious places of worship, hospitals/clinics, and schools within our neighborhood. One thing to beware of is the traffic on Branch Ave. People who live past Clinton (Brandywine/Waldorf) use Route 5 to go to work and its the major highway for this area. Any given day, there is rush hour traffic or delays using this road which is a major component to consider when moving to Clinton. Other than that, the people are friendly and the crime rate is low. I would recommended anyone interested to move to Clinton.
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Some areas in Clinton is better than the other. It would be nice if there were more kid friendly activities in the community
I would like to see more family and friend oriented places built. Typically all that there is are restaurants and fast food places.
Clinton, MD is a good area for commuting purposes because of the proximity to the beltway, but the crime rate of theft is starting to increase. The schools are average as far as elementary is concerned. Housing is pretty reasonable and they are building the shopping atmosphere up so that’s a plus. So overall I’m ok living in Clinton but I would not mind moving if the price is right.
I love Clinton. It is a medium-sized city with many schools and everyone is connected to each other somehow. Either by blood or just by friends. It is in the center of Dc and Virginia which makes driving especially easy.
Ljved in Clinton for 20 years. Generally a quiet area. Wish it did have a little more variety in places to eat and shop but it is still growing.
From family owned restaurants to welcoming small businesses, Clinton offers something for every young family looking for a locale to plant its roots. The church’s on nearly every corner serve as a foundation of faith, unity, and strength. I could not have asked for a better community to grow up and blossom in. I would recommend Clinton to anyone looking for a place to settle down and shine bright.
I love the community but there are some needed upgrades in the city. There are plenty of people to mingle with and make life long friends with. Clinton needs to work on the public education first.
Clinton is a good place to start a family. Maybe not the easiest place to get a job but it is safe. And a nice community.
Clinton Maryland is a small and quiet suburb that lies about 20 minutes outside of the District of Columbia. Part of it is near Andrews Air Force Base in Camp Springs, Maryland. Clinton is a very historical city within our Nation's history. It was the home of the Surratt family. Mary Surratt, the mother, and John Surratt, her son, were part of the group of conspirators that planned President Abraham Lincoln's assassination. The Surratt House is a historical site and museum. In fact, the town used to be called Surrattsville, but the name was changed due to the family's ties to the assassination. Despite its historical background, Clinton, Maryland is a family friendly community; close enough to the Nation's capital to participate in events but quiet enough to have your family feel safe.
What I like about Clinton are the people and the things these people and places have to offer. A lot of the citizens of Clinton are well-mannered and well-behaved. Overall these people act better than people who are from Oxon Hill, Maryland or Washington, D.C.
I like the convenience of being close to the city but also not in the city. I like the environment. There is farm land but also stores to shop. It is the suburbs however there are many amenities that are offered in the city. There is a local hospital in the city, a butcher and a nice farm with excellent ice cream.
Clinton is where I reside. Overall, Clinton is a good place to stay. Everything that is essential to everyday needs is close by.
Parts of Clinton are still rural , which I like because it reminds me of my hometown, yet it is close to the National Harbor, Downtown DC, and Virginia. The people are down to earth and friendly making living here an enjoyable experience.
I would like for Clinton to get more attention in terms of improving the day to day life of its residents.
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Clinton is a quiet area, but there are still activities to do in the area. Clinton is also pretty close with many other cities, if you want to branch out and explore the area.
Clinton is a nice and family-friendly town. I grew up in Clinton and attended school in Clinton through the 8th grade. It's affordable and safe to live there.
Neighborhood is diverse and quite and all the stores you need are close to you like Walmart and etc.
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