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Clinton is a small town by the water. The community is very close to each other and everyone knows everybody. Clinton is like one big family, they look out for each other.
Clinton is the town I grew up in. My parents came from Madison, the next town over, but chose Clinton to raise my brother and I in with it's less expensive homes, and good education system. I have always loved where I live. I am very passionate about nature and animals so growing up right next to Long Island Sound was a real privilege. I can start my day with a hike in the woods behind my house, and end the day combing the beach for shells and ocean creatures.
Currently, we have many businesses which have closed which are all now empty storefronts, which we are hoping to see be filled with some great businesses in the very near future. They empty storefronts have been vacant for WAY too long. We also have our former high school, which was supposed to have been developed into something wonderful and this fell through. We need new, exciting businesses - sports complexes, restaurants, new businesses, and a fresh face in our downtown area - pretty lamp posts, sidewalks, etc., to bring people into town. The best public school is the middle school, Eliot; the other schools should follow suit with how this school is run; the administration is excellent, as are most of the staff. The town itself is cute, but the potential could be so much more with proper management and development.
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I have been living in Clinton for almost 7 years, and all the people that I've come into contact with has been very friendly. The community is small, but everyone is kind and helps one another. There doesn't seem to be much of hobbies or anything to do around here, so maybe a few entertainment ideas should be implemented. Other than that though, the community is safe and a great place to stay in.
I have lived in Clinton for the past 2 years and love this small town in New England. The town has a lot of activities that are family friendly, but are primarily in the summer.
I have lived in Clinton since 1972 and have raised my family here. Our local organizations & businesses are very generous, always helping out one another and fundraising for families in need; they also support & sponsor many activities in town. The teachers & schools are extremely supportive. We love our beach and all of its amenities (playground, splash pad, pavilions, & snack shack). Many volunteer youth sports organizations offer several programs for our kids and actively participate in our well-attended parades. Clinton Family Day, the Bluefish 5K Race and Clinton SummerFest are just a few events all families enjoy every summer. The Clinton Park & Rec Dept. offers a wide variety of programs for our youth & adults year-round. The brand new high school facility is very impressive. Community events such as Swoosh for Change, Dodge for a Difference, Dancing with the Stars, Sing-Offs, and Pancake Breakfasts are very popular with residents; proceeds are donated to local charities.
I have been living in Clinton for 2 years and absolutely love it! Beautiful town, enjoy the beach, shopping, friendly people and family friendly activities.
Growing up in Clinton was an utter joy. The education system was adequate and produces well rounded tough young adults. It is such a diverse town that offers so much. Anyone would be lucky to grow up in such a beautiful area on the shoreline.
The general atmosphere is the typical small town. Everyone knows everyone and knows of everyone's business. The school systems are generally getting worse because the budget's are very rarely passed because of the influx of summer residents that vote down the budgets for the schools. Many teacher jobs have been cut and there are less and less students coming through the schools.
Clinton is a safe town. Not much happens that is considered unsafe and when situations do come up the police are on top of things.
My hometown of Clinton, CT is great and it is a perfect fit for me. I enjoy being so close to the water and I consider myself lucky to have grown up in such a friendly and scenic environment.
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