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Love being near the beach, and the traffic isnt bad we are close to all major highways, the park way, rt 35 and rt 36, I live in cliffwood but down the street if cliffwood beach. You can take the kids to the park and walk or work out on the boardwalk. There is also festivals and great places to eat Chinese and pizza. Its a quiet town not a lot of craziness so I really enjoy that as well. I work couple minutes away and also my college is 25 mins away so everything is close and convenient.
Cliffwood Beach is amazing because it is right on the Raritan Bay. There are herons, egrets, ospreys and redwing blackbirds. We have a view of Manhattan although from very far away.
Cliffwood Beach is the area I've lived in all my life, and despite what many say, it's not the worst. It's usually pretty quiet around here.
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I've been living in Cliffwood Beach for approximately 3 years and it has been the same, nothing has really changed since I moved here but I love it. The area is quite nice, my neighbors are very friendly and it is very clean compared to where I previously lived which was in the Bronx. Cost of living in this area is a bit high for my pockets being that a car is needed to go point A and B other than that I would suggest this area to anyone looking for a suburban neighborhood
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