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Cleveland Township Reviews

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There isn't much to offer but what we do have it's okay.
We are located in tornado alley. Arkansas gets a lot of different kinds of weather frequently.
You have to drive 30 minutes to go to a nice restaurant.
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There are hardly any jobs for people in this town.
This is a really small town. Even though walmart was founded in Arkansas, our walmart is one of the poorest ones I have ever been into.
I do have access to most public services without having to travel to the next city or county.
The weather is typical, every now and then there may be a storm that causes pause but altogether it is a nice place as far as weather goes.
They need more industry and commerce in this area, it is almost a crying shame especially for teens and young adults.
Because there are only a limited amount of restaurants, one tends to grow weary of the same old foods and while the food itself is okay, it would help if there were more choices.
IT is a very small town and it would be a lot more progressive it they would have more variety and choices such as a Kroger and not just a Walmart for groceries.
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