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Love Cleveland Hts. Good place to raise a family! Safe place to be. Great historical architecture! Very diverse community! A lot of community support. Many things to do and go! Many restaurants, and family friendly activities.
I love the diversity and culture of Cleveland Heights. The local restaurants and small businesses are excellent and provide a wide variety of goods and services.
I grew up loving the tight-knit community of Cleveland. People there share a common sense of pride of living in a town that has always helped them. But while many people have lived there for ages, there are also many young people looking to move there and start a life. It's very old, but also Bohemian. With many clustered villages like Coventry, the Arts district, and University Square, Cleveland Heights is a wonderful place for those of all interests while still providing an adequate level of safety and union.
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I have lived in Cleveland heights for the past seven years. I love living here. It has a great variety of restaurants. My husband and I walk everyday in our neighborhood.
The area is quiet and great for families (big and small) and pets. There is a variety of stores all over the area for shorter traveling.
I general, Cleveland Heights neighborhood is nice however, I would like to see some of the abandoned building demolish. There is also some street lights that are not working.
I love living in the Heights as everything is centrally located and within a 10 minute drive of my home.
As a native to the city, Cleveland Heights is a beautiful suburb for young couples, families, and college students going to Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, and Cuyahoga County Community College. Cleveland Heights is pretty quiet. The schools and libraries system is the pinnacles of the city. There are some restaurants and bars that are popular on the weekends. Other than that, there's not much of a nightlife.
Cleveland Heights is an amazing city. It is the type of suburb that has a small town feel and is accessible to major research and liberal arts academic institutions as well as close proximity to The Cleveland Clinic. I was born in the municipality of Cleveland and raised, mostly, in Cleveland Heights, relocated to Southern California at twenty-one, then moved back to the suburb in 2013. I am happy to be home, where diversity and inclusion is real.
Great urban suburb with a decent mix of college students, young professionals, and families. There's tons of coffee shops, grocery stores, and restaurants within walking distance for most residents. The school system is also improving.
My experience within the commuter has been positive. What I like most about the community is the Diversity and the appreciation that the people have for everyone's culture, race, religion and all forms of expression.
Property taxes are really high. Much more crime today, than in the past. All times of night and day you hear sirens.
I love the old-school class of Cleveland Heights. It's a suburb just up the hill from Case Western Reserve University. The houses are old but well-maintained, and it's a neighborhood that I can see will appeal to people for generations to come. There is a bit of an issue with crime here, as it is so close to downtown Cleveland. There are robberies and carjackings, so I don't feel 100% safe, but the area has a lot of classy character. And the stuff I would like to change is all the carjacking and all the robberies and stuff. I would like to bring more Camera to Cleveland heights to stop all the robberies and carjacking
Living in the small area called little italy is amazing! So much culture matched with a vibrant history that you get to see touch and smell every day.
Amazing location. So much to offer for families. Close to parks, museums, art, culture, universities. Walkable. Beautifully built homes.
The diversity is amazing. It has so many things to do mainly in the summer and fall months. It seem like they always have something new going on every other week which is pretty cool.
The two halfs of city vary vastly in almost every quality. Schools need some work, shares district with University heights. School has good ccp program.
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I have been stuck in Cleveland Heights for over two decades now due to a combination of professional and health concerns. Life-long Cleveland area residents are defensive and prone to exaggerate the area's positives. While Cleveland Height DOES have old homes that are pretty from the outside most are 70-90 years old with plumbing problems, little to no insulation in the walls, and poor electrical systems. The typical homes is drafty and damp in the winter. Many of the houses are rented by absentee landlords. (I have experienced all of this in 3 separate houses). Many of the old trees are being cut down by the city due to complaints from younger home owners. While crime may have dropped a bit a few years ago a popular bar owner was killed in his own bar and there was a series of carjackings and mugging. People here just don't talk about problems. The nicer spots are vanishing.
I am a born and raised Cleveland Heights resident who has lived in San Francisco and Ann Arbor and travelled all over the world, only to happily land back home.

I love the urban suburb feeling, being able to walk to restaurants, Shaker Lakes, the farmers market, the excellent library, and tons of playgrounds for the kids.

Since it’s so close to University Circle and downtown, the Natural History Museum and Children’s museums are like other living rooms for my kids!

Our neighborhood is incredibly quiet and I’ve never really had to think twice about safety. We have great block parties so we really feel connected to our neighbors.

I value the independent businesses, the diversity of people (culturally, socio-economically, ethnically), the gorgeous houses, all the trees, and the ease of getting everything I need so close to home!

Having gone to the public schools and ending up at a top ten school for architecture, I know that the schools are great too.
Moved to Cle Hts about a year ago. Beautiful, historic homes, with very reasonable cost of living - property and RITA tax a bummer though. No safety concerns at all- very quiet at night. The perfect mix of suburban and urban - quiet, tree lined streets, with restaurants, coffee shops, nightlife within walking distance. Also good cultural opportunities - especially all the concerts in Cain Park during the summer. People are friendly - lots of people out walking - family-friendly! Love the diversity of the community and progressive vibe - moving from the East coast, I feel at home here.
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