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The community itself is very nice however the food and service isn't the best considering the environment. Both kids attend the elementary school and seem to like it. My youngest had one issue with bullying but this was resolved quickly with the help of the school. There are many great local physicians and the local urgent clinic is quick and effective.
Clemmons is a great place to find something to do! Whether you want to go to a beautiful park or eat at a nice restaurant. It is a wonderful place to spend time with the people you love!
Clemmons is actually a very nice place. Feels safe. Drivers are horrible. The town seems to be getting overcrowded. It is definitely not cheap compared to where I use to live. I have lived here for almost 4 years and have never had any problems. If Clemmons ever gets bad as far as crime it will be because of the apartment complexes in certain areas just moving anyone in. But honestly it is a great place. I wouldn't say affordable but it is very safe place to live with a great Education system for children.
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Clemmons is a great place to live. Although the traffic is poor at times, the town overall is very safe. There are many parks and lakes to go to, and Clemmons has plenty of recreational activities. Clemmons is very family-friendly.
I have lived here for almost 10 years and over that span of time, there has been a lot of change. Lewisville-clemmons Road nowadays simply can’t handle the extremely high levels of traffic. Nothing is being done to help the road activity as the town is becoming more built up. I have also seen a decrease in quality of the schools in the area. As Winston-Salem is growing, the suburbs around it are as well.
Clemmons is pretty crowded for mainly being a residential town and it wasn’t a good fit for me as an empty nester. There were never a lot of police in the area even though vandalism and petty crimes are common here. When I was in Clemmons, I liked how beautiful the quieter parts of town were.
I have lived in Clemmons for my entire life. It is a place that feels like home to me. I enjoy areas such as Tanglewood Park which allow me to connect with nature.
Moving to Clemmons from a larger city was a bit of an adjustment for me, but I enjoy the area. I especially love being close to Tanglewood Park because I always go there with my children. I am very happy to see new developments coming here, such as the Clemmons Town Center. However, I wish that there were more family friendly neighborhoods in Clemmons.
Clemmons is a great place for retirees. My parents love living here because it is a small town that is not very lively. However, Clemmons is not a great place for me to raise my children because of those exact reasons. Clemmons is nice to visit, but the schools are lacking and there’s no true sense of community.
Small and generous. There are lots of kind people here that give amazing opportunities. Though the town does not look brand new and shiny, it is very sweet and welcoming. I feel safe here and though I am going off to college soon, I am looking forward to coming back home, to Clemmons.
Wonderful town and people - very friendly. Have lived here for 14 years and couldn't imagine a better place to raise my children.
For being a small town, Clemmons has a lot of violent and petty crime. My neighborhood regularly deals with break-ins. Lewisville Clemmons road always has traffic and accidents because all of the major businesses are along there.
I moved to Clemmons to be with my dad a few years back from a town about the same size. When I moved, I was shocked by the lack of options for food and the town’s inactivity. There should at least be some local events here, but it does take a while to get around because of how the roads are.
Clemmons feels like it was trying to be a stereotypical small town, but failed miserably. Clemmons is one of the least walkable cities in NC. It is very difficult to get around. A dedicated community area and more sidewalks should’ve been put into place many years ago before the town got so built up.
I like the community feel of Clemmons. While it is a relatively small town, Clemmons has experienced lots of growth in the recent years. However, it is not very lively for everyday leisure activities. It is a very mellow town, but very family friendly.
You won’t find many things to do or good hospitality in Clemmons. Tanglewood Park is beautiful, but I wish if community events were held there and there should be more to do for children. Clemmons is very affordable, but that comes with the price of constantly driving to try to find somewhere else to go during the day. There was a lot of opportunity for Clemmons, but the town isn’t doing much about it.
Clemmons is #1 for having the worst drivers in the state! The roads here are a joke and it is difficult to get anywhere. The obnoxious snobs don’t help, either. I gave up on driving around here during the busiest parts of the day. Clemmons doesn’t even have a little downtown area to walk around. Not a great or safe place at all.
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Very concerned about the growing crime. Not a safe or good suburb to be in. The "community feel" is a scam. The schools don't care about education, bad people are coming out of there. It is a pain to commute, and there are not even many jobs in this area of NC.
The Clemmons community is so strong and supportive of one another. You truly feel the love from all neighbors and surrounding store and restaurants. Everyone is very kind and friendly!
My family moved to Clemmons because it heavily emphasizes a “tight-knit, community feel.” However, we found this to not be the case. The schools are not good, the people are unfriendly, and there is no diversity. People of different races face blatant racism and hatred from those who clearly feel more privileged and worthy than others. Restaurant workers spit in people’s food before giving it to them. I have never seen people act in such ways. The roads here are terrible and the way that they were constructed cause multiple accidents every week. Out of all of the places I have lived in, Clemmons definitely has the worst traffic. My extended family hates visiting this area. Clemmons used to be smaller, but times have changed and the city is NOT keeping up with them.
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