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Clear Creek Township Reviews

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People in this area are generally involved in the community when there is an event. There usually is not an event though, but when there is many people partake in this event or occasion.
The weather in this area is moderate based on its location in the United States. For each year the seasons are a little different but generally the same. Natural disasters do not happen frequently.
The health and fitness of the people in this area is bad. A majority of the people here are over weight and do not eat healthy.
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The food places in the area are mainly fast food. There are nearly no restaurants that serve ethnic and or organic food.
I believe that the local laws are appropriate for this area but I do not believe that the reaction time of the police/fire station is fast enough for an emergency.
On average, most of the people in this area are similar. This area does have some diversity though with ethnicity, race, and sexuality.
Ashland is a place I would choose to live again because this is a place that I am familiar with. This county has grown near and dear to my heart.
In this area there is little to no crime. The safety is very high and if well maintained to ensure that the people of this area are safe.
The outdoors in this area depend on that part you are in.
The housing here is of nice quality.
The ways of transportation are moderate.
This area has little to no attractions.
Only a selected few are being hired in this area.
The stores in this area are moderate.
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