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Clayton is a growing community but still with a small town feel. Clayton is very welcoming and family oriented. Thankful my family moved to this beautiful suburb of Raleigh 30 years ago
Clayton is an up and coming Town! It is close to downtown Raleigh and other major areas. It is not over populated and all shopping needs are within a 10 minute commute. They are very community oriented and over many different family events.
It’s a small town outside Clayton with a general amount of restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, other retailers, libraries and banks.
It has small town feel with both apartment living and suburban living. It’s proximity to Raleigh is only a few minutes away and close to the intersection.
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Clayton Townships have pretty nice housing. Their community is very child friendly. they have their own school, and several shops in the neighborhood, as well as a grocery store, gas station and other stores across from the community. there's a gym in the community which also provides a pool.
Not too much happens or ends up on the news around this area. when it does its a little supprising. other than that theres not much crime that happens in this area.
its a great area to live, its a small enough to know many people and run into them during a quick run to the store, but large enough to have your own space. I have lived in this area for half my live and I have enjoyed it.
As with anywhere, we have crime. Not more than others, but not less either.
It's a small town, but 20 minutes from a large city with lots of available activities. Schools are highly rated.
Serious crimes don't happen frequently/don't hear about them frequently. Minor crimes seem to be blown out of proportion.
Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the small, rural environment, so this area wouldn't be an area I would choose to live for a long period of time.
It is a very rural area with lots of farmland and open spaces but the people are great and very welcoming.
There are several urgent care type facilities close by as well as a hospital which is based off the UNC Chapel Hill system. There are also some close facilities from the Wake County hospital system. There are several fitness facilities around as well. They have both coed and women only facilities around here. There is a beautiful local park that has a walking trail and about 7 minutes from where I live, there is a 10 mile walking and bike trail which during the summer is very active.
Housing is really good in the Clayton area. You can get a lot more house with land in Clayton at a much more affordable price than you can in the surrounding towns. It is very quite and peaceful but all the amenities that you need are still no more than a 10 minute drive.
I have lived in my house for almost 8 years and I can only think of 2 break-ins that I have heard of in those 8 years. Even in local news you never hear of any real issues in the town that I live in. If you hear of any crime issues, it is always in Raleigh and never in Clayton.
North Carolina weather is very up and down. It seems that the seasons are never the same year to year. One winter you will get 5 feet of snow and then the next winter it will only drop below freezing a couple of times. It works the same way in the summer. One summer it reached over 00 degrees for 33 straight days and then the following summer it was only over 100 degrees twice. It seems like you can never use temperatures in the past to judge what the following year will be.
I do not get out too often as I have four active kids so the majority of my time is spent with their activities but there are a lot of high end restaurants in the area and downtown Raleigh has really grown over the last five years with the additions of new restaurants and bars downtown.
Raleigh is known as a college town but there are a lot of job opportunities in the Raleigh area. We have a lot of technology companies as well as pharmaceutical companies so there are tons of great jobs here. I believe that I have read somewhere that Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and I can tell you that traffic has really increased over the last 10 years so there are definitely a lot more people moving into the area.
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I live in Clayton, NC and there are a lot of good businesses in the area. Clayton is a smaller town outside of Raleigh, but it does not require me to need to go into the city to get anything that I need. The only thing that is missing in Clayton is a mall so in order to go to the mall, you have to drive into Raleigh. Other than that, everything that I need is within a 5 minute drive so it is great. It is a quite and safe town that offers all the things that you need.
Most areas of Clayton have excellent houses and landscaping.
Clayton has some beautiful landscaping, but could do with cutting down fewer trees for homes!
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