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There are some really awesome aspects of Portsmouth that locals know about through living here and experiencing the land fro a long time. We know how things work around here and it can be a beautiful and neat area, but sometimes you want to shove spikes in your skin from boredom. In the summer and spring and at time fall season this area is wonderful, winter you fill trapped . sadly I feel this area is not getting the proper help for it to get the drastic changes it needs to be a great place to live permanently. there is wonderful places that take time to find and there is an great college to attend right in town, but there is a lot of work to be down to make living here in Portsmouth a more satisfying area in total.
There is nothing really really except historical sites, a mural filled flood wall and a major forest area. Other than these few things there is nothing for anyone to do. everyone leaves here to do something fun. most people would say they drive up to Columbus to do anything entertaining
there are some areas that I would not walk through, but driving through is no problem and You don't fear for your life or anything like that. Some areas are just known for where drug dealers live and other types of criminal activity that occurs, but other than these small and few areas in Portsmouth there is nothing that causes worry. the police have always been a sturdy presence everywhere out on roads patrolling and such. There is a a lot of drug activity, there was even a documentary show on our area and its plight with "Hillbilly Heroin" Pills have become a bad problem here, but as long as you don't mix with people into this type of activity. There is nothing to terrible. A main concern is basically there is more police given out tickets for taillights than actually providing service related to getting the drug activity lowered around this area.
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This is the Midwest, so a variety of weather occurs here. The Portsmouth city area is right at the the Ohio River, so with extreme rainfall flooding is a major concern at times, but very rarely is it dangerous or occurring frequently. You need clothes for all seasons and kinds of weather. the mostly used item of clothes that will save your life down here is A good pair of boots, not fashion boots, but work or hiking boots that withstand the elements and wear and tear.
There are some bars and restaurants sporadically placed throughout town and out in the county. As for clubs there are zero only bars in this area. If you want to go a fun club for dancing and true entertainment on the weekends you have to drive almost two hours to west virginia
Slowly, but Portsmouth's field is growing here and there there are new businesses, but the fall under a lot. the mains jobs with security are factory work or work at the local hospitals.There is no variety here in the job market very limited with this area
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