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Its an okay place low crime rate , also a mixer of people different nationality's of all types of sorts. The people are friendly . They speak different language's . I get to try different foods . Clarkston is an okay place to live besides being bored.
I am originally from the SF Bay Area and I appreciate Clarkson's diversity. The location is within 20 minutes of several malls, schools, hospitals, grocery stores and 5 minutes or less from 3 highways. This probably explains recent rent hikes however, and the rental properties dont offer much else.
Vibrant neighborhood, all services are at an easy reach. Safe place with a beautiful weather. Public schools are around the corner even colleges, which I plan to attend
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Clarkston is an area that gives out a homely vibe. This area also consists of higher crime rates such as robbery and the occasional fights and shootings. This area consists of teenagers who supposedly are in a gang of some sort where the rivals gangs would fight each others in a trees filled area behind the Indian Creek Elementary School and right by the Willow Branch apartments.
I love how Clarkston is the definition of a melting pot. It's known for being the most diverse square mile in America. The food and people are amazing.
A lot of Diversity, plenty of places to eat, a small town with a good amount of single women. Perfect town for Young people. 🏞
Its a great place and also very diverse. Schools are also very good, and there are also two colleges next to each other.
I liked how a lot of people can live in the same area and I liked how close it was to schools. Due to the fact that a lot of people can live in the same area, there are a lot of opportunities to make new friends with other people who live there. It is also very convenient that it is close to schools so schools are very easy to get to.
Its a diversed community. This is my second time living in Clarkston. I lived there when my children were growing up and now I am back with an older young adult living there because they felt familiar with the community and now have their apartment there.
I like the diversity of this town. People that are living here are from all over the globe, and there are many different cultures and traditions. I dislike the infrastructure and roads. They need more fixing. Also, the town needs a little cleanup. Overall, it's an okay place to live.
Clarkston is a very diverse city. There are great places to visit with family. I chose Clarkston to start my adult live because it is very cost friendly.
Love the diversity! Very walkable! Easy access to PATH that goes from Stone Mountain to Atlanta. Very close to Atlanta, Decatur, Tucker, and Stone Mountain so lots to do and tons of places to eat within a very close distance. Love Refuge Coffee Co.
Decent are. Definitely up and coming. Somewhat quiet. Certain areas are perfect for singles and most areas are good for families. Good schools in the area. A lot of resources and entertainment so you don't have to travel far!
Inaccurately described as the most diverse square mile in America by both Time Magazine and CNN, Clarkston is actually the most diverse round mile in America as the original city was a circle 1 mile across. It has over 40 countries and 60 languages represented. It is also called the most progressive city in Georgia, with the reduction of penalties on marijuana to misdemeanor status and being the first Bee Friendly city in Georgia, all city workers make a living wage, and everyone knows everyone. It is highly walkable and has a small town feel although it is very accessible to Atlanta.
What I like about Clarkston is that is it has a warm family environment. I feel safe here and every day see many different types of people who have come to America as refugees to create a better life for themselves. It is a safe haven for them and for us. I particularly enjoy the proximity of this location to all the major areas such as down town, LaVista stores and Gwinnett County. Clarkston is a place of hope for its residents and has a small town feel that makes me one feel at home. I enjoy living in Clarkston and would reccomend others to live here as well.
It's pretty cool living here. We have community centers and church groups who are active in the lives of the youth. We have vegetable gardens and soccer fields to enjoy ourselves.
Easy to live and I like how people interact each other. I can find ride easily. You can find shopping store every where that you can easily get what you want.
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Ive been living here for about 6 months. My car has been robbed 4 times. I do not care for the school system here. I will be moving soon as my lease is up.
I live in Clarkston. It's a diverse and family oriented community. I like that it is pretty close to most areas I like to visit. 15 minutes from Stone Mountain Park and about 15 minutes from Lenox as well. Decent shopping too.
I've been living in Clarkston, GA for 14 years now. Clarkston is a small city with a big heart. I love how diverse and unique Clarkston is. Most of the residents are refugees from all over the world. I enjoy going to the different stores to experience a bit of various cultures. The only wish I have for Clarkston is for the crime rate to reduce and for more development. Other than that, it's a beautiful and unique city to live in. It will always be home for me.
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